East Face of Mt Borah

The seldom visited 2400' East Face of Mt Borah as seen from the West Fork of the Pahsimeroi River approach. Mike Weber and I made one serious attempt on this face in 1976 but retreated after first seeing a Volkswagon sized rock tumble down our route and later that night, a flood. On the morning of our proposed climb it started to rain and in a short while there was 3-4 inches of water flowing through our biv site. During our rather hasty exit we discussed how maybe the bouncing boulder and flood were warning signs that we were not meant to be on this face. The complex east face is split into two drainages and has two unique faces, this being the more southern of the two. The Northeast Ridge route follows the skyline above the massive buttress that dominates the right side of the east face cirque. There are now four routes on this face: East Face Routes

Mt Borah East Face - Lost River Range, Idaho
Photo by Bob Boyles - June 1974


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