East Ridge from Tarfala

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Lappland, Sweden, Europe
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Hiking, Scrambling
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East Ridge from Tarfala
Created On: Aug 19, 2005
Last Edited On: Jun 13, 2007


Start from the Tarfala hut (1170m) which is located in the tarfala valley, 24 kilometers from nearest road. Check on the Kaskasatjåkka mainpage on how to get to Tarfala.

Crossing the glacier of...Crossing the Kaskasatjåkka glacier.

Route Description

From the Tarfala hut, face north where you spot the southeast glacier "pouring" down from the saddle on the east ridge of Kaskasatjåkka. Take sight on the little lake on the plateau (seen on Lantmäteriets map "Fjällkarta BD6") west of the glacier. Walk straight forward until you reach it. Cross the glacier and keep going until you reach the edge of it. Follow along the edge of the glacier straight up to the saddle at the east ridge. If there is a lot of snow you can keep west of the glacier all the way to the ridge. The east ridge is an ideal spot if you want to camp.

Now, face west on the ridge and follow the ridge straight forward to the last section of the ridge. It's a short and easy scramble exhibition. It's easy in the summer but you might need crampons and/or ice axe in early summer and winter conditions when it can be icy.

The top plateau is wide, flat and covered in snow all year round.

Scramble section at the east...The short scramble section of the route.

Essential Gear

In summer conditions you get by with sturdy hiking boots. In wintertime and in icy conditions a ice axe and/or crampons could be good to have on the ridge. The south east glacier is small and doesn't have any larger crevasses.

Strenuous walk to the summit...Hiking upwards to the summit.

Miscellaneous Info

If you continue past he summt, there's a ridge connecting Kaskasapakte.

East Ridge from Tarfala

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