East ridge, normal route from Italy

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East ridge, normal route from Italy
Created On: Mar 18, 2008
Last Edited On: Mar 18, 2008


The normal route to Jazzihorn (also called 'Pizzo Cingino Nord') from the italian side is secure and easy.
It's very long but you can break it in two days by sleeping at Camposecco hut.
It can be also a valid ski-mountaineering route, it's in fact part of the big tour that crosses this range from Monte moro in Anzasca Valley till Antronapiana and that is a classic ski-mountaineering itinerary of these mountains in Spring.
The environment is very solitary, despite the presence of the big impounds Troncone valley remains a place where the solitude mixed with the wilderness of the mountains has still its most genuine taste.
Moreover the water of the impounds enclosed by small dams will give you the same feeling of the most remote alpine lakes.

Antrona passAntrona pass 2817m. Also called 'Passo di Saas'

Getting There

Valle Antrona is quickly reachable by the SS33, the highway that connect Milan to Simplon pass.
Take the exit for the small town of Villadossola and then follow the main road of the valley till the village of Antronapiana, the most important centre of the area.
From Antronapiana drive along the roaf that leads to Antrona lake and then take the paved road that climbs to the dam of Campliccioli impound.
This last road is private but is normally open to everybody, be careful because it's very narrow and no authority will take responsibility for an accident over there.
The dam of Campliccioli lake is the trailhead for this route.

Route Description

From the dam of Campliccioli lake (1300m, small parking), cross the dam and reach the North shore of the lake, from here two trails start leading respectively to Camposecco and Cingino lake.

The most direct route to Antrona pass is the one that pass by Cingino lake, this trail crosses the long Troncone valley running along the river till the beautiful cirque of Alpe Lombraoro, then it climbs the steep slopes at north to reach the impound of Cingino where the pass is visible at North between Latelhorn and Jazzihorn.
The trail leads to the pass without difficulties crossing under the cliffs of Cingino peaks (no risk of rock falls).
From the pass follow the East ridge till the summit(some steps of I) remaining on the side of Switzerland (north).
This trail is very long, it gains almost 2000 meters of elevation and covers more than ten kilometers.
An alternative to break the climb in two days is to reach Camposecco lake(2300m) from Campliccioli, there is a well signed trail that takes two or three hours to the lake.
Near the dam of Camposecco you find a small hut where you can pass the night freely, the hut belongs to the C.A.I. of Villadossola.
The following morning you can get to Cingino lake without loosing altitude by the service Tunnel of Enel that connects the two impounds, it’s an hour of walking in plane, take a light with you because the light in the tunnel has an automatic switch off by a timer.

Jazzihorn. East ridge route.3D map by Google Earth

Near Antrona pass you can also use Cresta biwak, a small hut under the west face of Latelhorn that can be a valid support point if you are late or too tyred.

Essential Gear

Normal hiking or ski-mountaineering gear, during summer you don't need crampons or ice axe because there is no glacier along the route, this gear can anyhow being useful during spring, fall or if you venture there in winter.
Don't forget heavy clothes, the low Antrona valley is very warm during summer but sudden weather changes are frequent here during summer, this area is very near to the big Maggiore lake.

External Links

Valle Antrona
Official site of the valley with informations about accomodtions, roads, trails and huts.

Camposecco hut
Informations, only in Italian.

Rest near Antrona Pass.relaxing under Jazzihorn and Stellihorn

East ridge, normal route from Italy

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