East Twin Glacier

East and West Twin Glaciers, descend from the South edge of the Juneau Icefield, near Devil's Paw. They separate around a mountain and nearly meet again in Twin Glacier Lake.

The lake is a short walk in on a trail from the Taku River, near the Alaska-B.C. border.

This is one of many glaciers descending from the 1600-square mile icefield plateau between Juneau Alaska and Atlin BC. (40 miles by 40 miles.)

Heavily crevassed, most of the glaciers are dangerous to travel. Skiplane or helicopter access is much safer and quicker for climbing and skiing trips.


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mauri pelto

mauri pelto - Jun 16, 2006 3:30 pm - Hasn't voted

Twin Glacier not Taku

This is a picutre of Twin Glacier entering Twin Lake. Taku Glacier is much larger has no ogives and does not end in water.

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