Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 43.87800°N / 115.216°W
Additional Information County: Elmore
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring
Additional Information Elevation: 8758 ft / 2669 m
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From afarFrom West Warrior Peak

East Warrior Peak is amongst a group of seldom-visited peaks just west of the Sawtooth range. This group sits between the North Fork and Middle Fork of the Boise River, and includes East Warrior Peak, West Warrior Peak, Swanholm Peak, Granite Mountain, and Grand Mountain. Of these, East Warrior is the most remote. Just to the south across the Middle fork is another well-know peak, Steel Mountain.
East Warrior is a long way off the road to Atlanta, with no easy trail access. However, it is an awesome snowshoe in the spring when the road is dry but the steep hillsides quickly turn to snow as you gain elevation. It may also be a great spring or summertime hike, but the author has not tried that.
Initial gainInitial climb

The route up East Warrior is a long, circuitous ridge walk. At one point during the climb, after several hours of hard work, the summit appears to be on an entirely separate ridge. But unless you made a major mistake when you left the road, your ridge will eventually turn and twist its way to the top. Very enjoyable.
This route is about 6 miles long, and gains about 3835'. However, it dips and slides a bit, so there is really more like 4500' of climbing. And of course, that means you also have to climb during the "descent." Plan on the round trip taking 7 or 8 hours in good snow conditions.
Lower ridgeLower ridge

Getting There

From Boise, take Highway 21 across the Mores Creek bridge (about 15 miles from town) and immediately take the turn towards Spring Shores and the road to Atlanta. This road is paved until Arrowrock Dam, then turns into a slow, bumpy dirt road for the next 50 or so miles. There is no defined trailhead or starting point. Just refer to the map on this page. If you get to Snyder Creek or the Queens River Campground, you have gone too far. Plan on the drive from Boise taking about 2 1/2 hours or so.
Serpentine ridgeWinding ridge

Red Tape

Also, no facilities.
Both summitsSummit on right


There are a number of camping opportunities along the Middle Fork, including hot springs. You can also stay at Twin Springs, a small (very small) resort about half way there (see links).

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For additional information on this climb and other peaks in the area, please see Tom Lopez's excellent book, Idaho: A Climbing Guide


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