Eastern States Climbers Peak List Additions and Corrections

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Catskillhiker - Dec 16, 2012 4:54 pm - Hasn't voted

more peaks

>Hadley Mountain- southern Adirondacks, best views of any mountain ive ever climbed, moderately steepish trail, easy ground
... possible- poke-o-moonshine mountain- Adirondacks, if you drive 87 you've seen this one with new routs this one is a good choice for first class views, classic rock climbing destination

>nun-da-gola ridge /the crows- one of the best kept secretes in the Adirondacks (well known to expeinced hikers however), the hike of the whole Ridge leads to a day of great views and short challenging scrambles, and more or less solitude once away from the crows

Catskills- Twin Mountain- steep classic devils path peak, single largest view-shed in the Catskills, larger then any of the Catskill peaks that made the list

Plateau mountain- great veiwpoints, steepest climb in the Catskills next to north dome (elevation vs millage), good example of long ridge walk

>Overlook mountain- next to slide and giant ledge the Catskill proverbial tourist trap of the Catskills,... but the view from the peak is one of the best from inside the park, even without the fire tower, combined it with the hotel ruins, and the chance to see a eastern timber rattlesnake, its a great mountain all around if you don't mind people

Windham High Peak- fairly good view, wilderness feel with some history mixed in, and more over the best of the "big" peaks to bring a new climber on to get them hooked on climbing- better then slide mountian

killington peak- Vt- well know, ski area trails of the medium long bucklin trail leads to a 360 view for the second highest peak

Equinox mountain- vt- highest tectonic peak, good view short walk from the summit, well know for its toll road to the summit, its got a steep trail to the top, that rivals any aderondack climb


MiguelVieira - Dec 16, 2012 7:01 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: more peaks

Wow, thanks for all those tips, Catskillhiker. I'll put them on my list of additions for the next version of the list.

You mentioned that Twin Mountain has a bigger viewshed than the current peaks on the list. Since I've only been up a few Catskill Peaks, what do you think of the current four on there? Are they the worthiest in the range?



Catskillhiker - Dec 25, 2012 9:15 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: more peaks

wittenberg is defently a top notch view, while not larger then twins view its one of the most eye catching views ive seen

slide can be a good view if you loop hike the mountain and climb partway down the Cornell side of slide, if you just bag slide from 47 its a good view but not a real great view, still holds a important spot because of its height, (so for view no, but for other reasons yes its stays on the list)

panthers view is defently on its sub peak, giant ledge, which for first climbers, is the best that cna be done in the range, for little effort, panthers main summit still has a good view though so yes it should be on the list

hunter- kinda central as far as mountain views in the Catskill views go, the natural view points alone are great with the tower its a good peak for the list, my favort Catskill peak, because of the trail choices

oh ya you need to change mt. evert from Connecticut to Massachusetts its listed in the wrong state


MiguelVieira - Dec 28, 2012 11:26 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: more peaks

Thanks for all the extra information, Catskillhiker. Looks like I'll keep Hunter, Slide, Panther, and Wittenberg on the list.

I also moved Mount Everett to Massachusetts.


Catskillhiker - Jan 6, 2013 10:54 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: more peaks

1- Hunter Mt. (10)(T)
2-Twin Mt
3-Wittenberg Mt
*& -Giant Ledge
4-Mt Sherrill (BW)
5- Northdome (BW)
*&- Van Wyck Mt (BW)
6- Plateau
7- KHP- katterskill high peak (UMT)
8- Panther mt
*&- Stopple point/ North Mt
9-Lone Mt (BW)
10- Balsam lake Mountain (35)(T,VL)
*&-Red Hill(35)(T,VL)
11- Friday Mt. (BW)
11-Bearpen (UMT)
13- sugarloaf mt.
13- Big Indian mt.
*&-Mt Utsayantha
15- Blackdome
15- Slide
17- Vly Mt. (UMT)
18- Windham HP
19- Balsam Cap (BW)
20- Rocky Mt BW)
21- Cornell Mt
22-Eagle (VL)
*&-Woodhaul Mt. (VL)
23- SW hunter (VL)(UMT)
24- Thomas Cole Mt (VL)

View must be in the top 700 Feet of the mountain to count, or top 200 if its on a flowing ridge line in the case of mountains such as Cornell and Wittenberg where the end of one mountian and the start of the next could be in question

*&= lower peak not on 35 list, and how it ranks with the big peaks
(10)- would be its rank without a tower
(t)- tower peak

of the peaks in the Catskills ive climbed this is my veiw list- Giant ledge is part of panther, but far enough to be considers a peak of its own by Catskill rules


MiguelVieira - Jan 7, 2013 11:19 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: more peaks

Thanks for the update Catskillhiker. That's a really useful list.

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