Easy, long hike at 2nd highest Peak

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Colorado, United States, North America
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Aug 14, 2004
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Created On: Aug 30, 2004
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On the 13th of August, I drove to Pike Peak in Colorado Spring from Fairplay;all the way to the top; didn't do any hiking. Then, drove to Buena Vista KOA afternoon, thinking either hike at Mt. Bross, Democrat and Lincoln OR Mt. Massive next day on the 14th of August, I waked up at KOA at about 4:00am. Probably, other campers were mad because I might wake them up also. Then I decided to climb Mt. Massive. It is because Mt. Massive is the 2nd highest peak in Co. and it is closer to Buena Vista. I also planned to climb Mt. Elbert next day but I didn't. I drove north on highway 24. I was still dark. I arrived at the Mt. Massive Trailhead which is half mile further than Mt. Elbert Trailhead. It was still dark when I arrived. The parking lot was almost full. I had my breakfast, packed my stuffs making sure I had everything (water, food, warm clothings). I started hiking at about 6.00 am. It was a easy hiking at the begining. It is gentle, and there are a lot shade. Beginer hikers have no trouble to hike on this path. I did cross two creek, according to the book. The weather was cool. At first, I wore a lot layer of clothing, later on, I had to take out one by one. Still, the cool (cold) weather made my hand froze. After crossing the 2nd creek for a mile or so. The Mt. Massive Trail sign is shown. The hard part begins, the trail is steepper than before. After climb for about a mile of so, it is above the treeline. Mt. Massive trail can been seen from far away. This hike is not difficult but it is long. I was windy above the treeline. And the scenery is so beautifull. The trail is well mark. People will not get lost. After riching the saddle between South Massive (false summit), the trail is almost disappeared, People have to do bolderpopping; climbing among rocks along the ridge line near the summit. I arrive the summit at about 12 noon, had my lunch and took a lot of nice pictures. On the way down, I could not follow the trail. (got lost). So I made a short cut in which it was a mistake -- hked straight down through rocks instead of following the ridge line. And finally, I hiked down to the main trail. It took me 11 hours to complete this hike. This made me so tire that I could not climb Mt. Elbert next day. But I enjoyed a lot on that day. Next day (15th of August), I climbed Quandary Peak instead of Elbert. May be next year hike this peak again.


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