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Ejer Bavnehoej
Created On: Oct 26, 2003
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Ok, adding this 'mountain' is mostly as a couriocity joke, but Ejer Bavnehoej is after all the highest point in the country of Denmark. So if anyone ever wants to overdo the seven summits and climb the highest point in each country, he will have to go here...

Mirroring the exciting story of how Everest eventually was crowned as the world's highest mountain, have several hills held the title through history. Up to 1847 it was believed that the highest point was Himmelbjerget (Mount Heaven), whose 147m now only brings it a 6th place. Ejer Bavnehoej then received the honours untill 1939, where Yding Skovhoej surpricingly was measured to 172.66m. This includes however a 3 metre high bronze-age burrial hill, which although ancient is still man-made in which case the 254m concrete pylons of a recently built bridge would steal the title. Hence, in 1953 it was finally decided that Ejer Bavnehoej is the highest natural point in Denmark. Discounted the burrial hill, Yding Skovhoej is at 170.83m a very close runner up - only 6cm lower. Relatively speaking, this would correspond to K2 being just 3 meters lower than Everest.

Ejer Bavnehoej was into the 19th century used to light fires to warn of enemy invasion. In 1924 a tower was built to memmorate that the southern part of Jutland lost to Germany in 1864 as an outcome of the 1st world war returned to Denmark.

With 40-50000 visitors per year, this must be one of the most frequented national high points of the world.

Getting There

The 'summit' can be reached by car taking exit 54 of highway E45 and following the signs for about 2 km.

Red Tape

Access is free, the parking lot is free and ascent of the tower is free.

When To Climb

Weather in Denmark is ever changing, but the summer months occationally deliver wonderful long bright summer nights.


Denmark and Jutland in particular is littered with camp grounds, including many free public camp sites. See for instance:

In addition, most farmers will when asked hapilly accommodate considerate campers on his lands.

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Anjo - Mar 24, 2006 6:06 am - Hasn't voted

No longer highest in Denmark

New measurments became official in February 2005. Researchers have with drilling technology found out that also Ejer Bavnehøj just like Yding Skovhøj's toplayer consists of ancient Stone Age burial site. Measured on the highest natural summit, top-3 in Denmark now looks like this: 1. Møllehøj 170,86 m; 2. Yding Skov(høj) 170,77 m; 3. Ejer Bavnehøj 170,35 m. Møllehøj is situated on private ground only 200 meter west for Ejer Bavnehøj and are in the reality one and the same summit.

The address of Ejer Baunehøj is:

Bavnehøjvej 3,

8660 Skanderborg,


There is a interest organization taking care of the facilitys at the top: http://www.ejer-baunehoj.dk/

Joerg Marretsch

Joerg Marretsch - Oct 3, 2006 7:10 pm - Hasn't voted

Latitude / Longitude:

Latitude: 55.97701° N

Longitude: 09.83062° E

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Ejer Bavnehoej

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