Mount Emilius & Surroundings After AVALANCHE 1980

Emilius in the ... & Mountain Chain Surr ... EMOTIONS & SUGGESTIONS


December 28th, 1980, between 9/9.30' hours.

AVALANCHE from East Face Testa Nera (2820m), 20 metres in SE below of the Chamolés Pass (2641m). Sweepping away along 200 metres of Camillo Roberto Ferronato & Osvaldo Cardellina to Arbolle Tableland ad Torrent (about 2496 m).

The excursion's mates after the "exhumeds".

CONCLUSION: Camill with head snowout; Oswald ("more lucky !) with head and foots behind the cars (body in arch "dietrofront" 360° and one broken finger by ice-axe). Never to complain !!!

From left: Osvaldo Cardellina, Camillo Roberto Ferronato,

"reviveds", next of the "extraction"

and "Peppino" Lamazzi, ... impotent observer, together Ivo Ferronato & Sandrino "Lupetto" (Little Wolf; like this baptized for the "avalanche greats yelps", in return to Pila's Village) Casalegno.



Ivo Ferronato.


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