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Wisemtn - Aug 11, 2018 5:05 pm Date Climbed: Aug 11, 2018

Via Jacob's Ladder  Sucess!

JL trail is not fun, failed Lone Peak at the north part of the cirque - couldn't find a way and was running out of time, energy, and water


TBrohm - Sep 16, 2016 6:26 pm Date Climbed: Aug 25, 2016

Enniss Peak  Sucess!

Enniss Peak today. Not a very big peak, but AMAZING views. Good training for LONG approaches. STEEP AS HELL! You go up about 1000ft per mile. I felt the best I have in awhile. My legs were the strongest they've been, and I know I would have been able to make the summit of Lone Peak if I had enough time.
Even though this is a relatively small peak, it has some good stats. And a good training ground.
9 miles round trip
4500 ft vertical gain (TH @ 4800 / Summit 9,322 ft)
Max elevation 9,322 ft.


kteichert - May 23, 2015 4:35 pm Date Climbed: May 22, 2015

Last Zeit  Sucess!

My last day at work (Zeit Company) was today. I guess I had a lot of emotion built up with leaving this awesome company. So I wanted to get out in the mountains when I got home. Rain clouds were building over the Oquirrhs and I left my car at Hogs Hollow Road around 6:45. Kept pushing towards Enniss despite building clouds and the sun going down. Fantastic little subpeak. Started raining on the way down and the dirt turned to slippery clay. I fell once and caught myself mostly with my hands, a forearm and my right butt cheek. Shortly after that, I ran into a couple who just got engaged. Snapped a photo for them and went on my way.


utahjimk - Jan 31, 2015 9:45 pm Date Climbed: Jan 31, 2015

first time ...  Sucess!

topped it on the way to Lone Peak - WMC annual winter hike to summit.
2nd ascent is noteworthy: again in winter 2 January 2017.


edge - Sep 20, 2014 12:33 pm

First of three  Sucess!

Climbed from the Suncrest development area. A bit steep but not too hard. Nice views of Lone Peak! Did Lone Peak and Bighorn the same day.


JimmyJazz - Jun 25, 2014 2:06 pm Date Climbed: Jun 12, 2014

Nice Sub-peak  Sucess!

Reached it on one of my conditioning/reconnoitering hikes in preparation for doing Lone Peak later on.


ZeeJay - Feb 4, 2014 10:24 pm Date Climbed: Jan 25, 2014

On the way to Lone  Sucess!

Nice subpeak on the way to or from Lone Peak.
2/12/11, 2/4/12, 1/26/13, 1/25/14


Moogie737 - Jan 11, 2014 6:09 pm Date Climbed: Oct 25, 2019

Draper Ridge Gem  Sucess!

I have been to the bronze plaque honoring early Utah pioneer Mr. John Enniss at least 20 times. It is a nice destination all by itself, but I also like to hike over the summit on my way to and from Lone Peak. The Orson Smith TH in Draper is ideal for a launching point. Call it # 21 and 22 on 1-25-14 Yup, on the way in and out to Lone Peak. #23 2-15-14 W/ Dave. SS from Mahogany Forest-much trail breaking. 3+58 up; warm. #24 & #25 2-22-14 W/ Dave. Enroute to and back from the 10,000' point on the normal snow route to Lone Peak. Spring at the TH, winter at 10,000'! #26 4-3-14 W/Brent. Perfect snow & lots of it. #27. 5-13-14 W/ B. Good snow above 7,600'. No wind! 3+06 up. #28 5-29-14 W/ B. Snow gone bye-bye. 2+42 up. IVD unbeschreiblich viel. #29 & 30 6-28-14. Going to & coming from Lone Peak 2+35 up. Vermisse Yz. #31 & 32 9-23-14. Going to & coming from Lone Pk. 2+16 up, 1+23 down. IVD wie immer. #33 10-02-14 w/ Brent. Very slow but on purpose. Jawohl , IVD. #34 & 35 11-04-14 Over Enniss going to and coming from point 10,750'. #36 & 37 11-11-14 Went to elevation 9,600'. IVD #38 11-18-14 W/ Brent 3+28 up in snow. #39 11-25-14 Up in 4+05: bone-chilling winds high, snowshoes above 8,600'. #40 12-02-14 W/ Brent Up 3+11, icy. #41 12-09-14 W/ Brent. Up in 2+55. IVD #42 1-26-15. #43 1-31-2015 En route to Lone Peak w/ WMC die-hards. #44 3-17-15 4+00 up. W/ Brent. Crappy snow conditions above 8,000'. However, IVD. #45 5-19-15 W/Brent. Walked into winter at 8,700'! 2+57 up #46, #47 6-9-15 En route to and from Lone Peak. 2+57 up. #48, #49 6-16-15 once again en route to and from Lone Peak. 3+06 up. #50 9-22-15 W/Brent 3+09 up. #51 10-30-15 New snow, Yz fabelhaft, 3+50 up. #52 11-17-15 W/ Brent to end of mahogany forest. Snow drifts all along the trail, some up to 3' deep. Forgot to take snowshoes so going was painfully slow and energy-sapping. Unrelenting N wind. Up in 5+59. IVD. #53 11-21-15. Rescue mission to recover a tripod I left behind the last trip up. With Brent and Yz. Mission was successful. Snowshoes necessary from the trail split at 8,475'. #54 1-1-16. W/ Carol, Lana, Brent & Dave. Bone-chilling ridge winds gusting to 35-40 mph. 5+34 to summit. 'Twas a minor miracle we made it. #55 1-18-16 4+50 up in near blizzard conditions (20-25 mph south winds). Yz braved 2 hours' worth. #56 & #57 2-11-16 W/ Sam Grant going and coming from Lone Peak. 3+28 up. #58 & #59 2-13-16 W/ WMC members going to and from Lone Peak. #60 5-24-16 Solo 3+28 up. #61 6-17-16 En route to Lone Peak w/ Lana & Brent. #62 11-1-16 Solo. No snow but cold wind & sideways graupel on summit. 2+30 up. #63 & 64 11-4-16 W/ Lana. En route to Lone Peak. Bluebird day. #65 & 66 11-8-16 Solo. Via Draper Ridge for the 1st time. En route to Lone Peak. Sunshine and light breezes. Almost no snow! #67 12-6-16 Solo. 3+55 up. 22 degrees at TH. #68 12-13-16 Solo. 3+43 up. Very windy & cold. #69 12-20-16 Solo. 3+31 up, lotsa wind. #70 12-27-16 Solo. Trail breaking 2/3 of the way, 2' drifts, horrendous SE winds above 8,000' but otherwise pleasant. 4+32 up. #71 12-30-16 W/ Dave & Lana. Very windy - again! 5+02 up. #72 1-2-17 With WMC (Jim, Signe, Lana) in all kinds of wx. Overall pleasant. 4+27 up. #73 1-13-17 W/ Lana & Dave. Big snow, trail breaking, beautiful; rime ice on the Draper Ridge trees leading to the summit. 5+25 up #74 1-24-17 Solo. One of the more difficult Enniss climbs ever. Snowshoes from the beginning, trail breaking ad infinitum. 5+39 up. #75 & #76 2-14-17 Solo going to and coming from the 10,000' tree checking out the Lone Peak route. 3+50 up 1st time. #77 3-24-17 W/ Brent & Lana. A ton of new snow. 5+10 up. Zero viz at summit. #78 10-4-17 W/ Anne, Brent, Nancy & Greg. En route to Lone Peak. Serious wind and dark overcast skies. #79 12-12-17 Solo. Very little snow. 3+10 up. La Sportiva boots. #80 12-15-17 W/ Brent & Lana. Clear, cool. 3+46 up. #81 WMC hike w/ Mike Gibbons & Signe Gines. No need for snowshoes! #82 1-12-18 W/ Yadahzoemtn. 4+20 up in strong cold north winds 20 mph gusting to 25. Snowshoes from 8475'. #83 3-6-18. Solo. Tough trail breaking after big snow from 1st rock. 6+04 up. #84 3-24-18 W/ Lana. Strong winds, thick crust on most snow. 3+54 up. #85 5-4-18 W/ Lana & Nancy. On return from Lone Peak. Zero wind! Warm! #86 7-14-18 W/ Nancy Martin on return from Lone Peak. Windy. #87 10-05-18 W/ Lana following night of heavy rain. 3+43 up. #88 & #89 10-27-18 Solo, going to and coming from Lone Peak. Met Allan on top the first time. 2+59 up. #90 W/ Lana, 6+11 up, crappy trail conditions down low. #91 04-05-19 W/ Lana & Carol Masheter. Windy and difficult snow on the lower half. 4+37 up. #92 09-13-19 W/ Lana, en route to Lone Peak. 3+15 up. (Friday the 13th!) #93 10-25-19 W/ Yadazoe. First real hike following Nepal trip. 3+45 up. Teeny patches of snow.


yadahzoemtn - Nov 2, 2013 8:56 pm Date Climbed: Dec 15, 2017

Windy Blowing in a storm  Sucess!

I have climbed this peak a number of times in every season of the year. Most of the time there was wind. Today was no exception. Miko and Nala had a great time. Thanks goes to my climbing friends for letting me tag along. 11/02/13, 01/01/14,01/25/14 w/Brent, 2/17/14 w/ Miko and Nala really windy all the way, all the time. 4/11/14 w/Miko and Nala. Beautiful calm day. SS at trail break.
01/01/16 Wind blew me over.
12/30/16 Is it ever calm up here?
01/02/17 Still Windy.
01/13/17 Not quite so bad
03/24/17 Difficult conditions
10/27/17 Nice Trip
12/15/17 Where is all the snow this year


scgrant - Jun 10, 2013 9:37 pm Date Climbed: Jan 3, 2015

On the way to Lone Peak  Sucess!

1/3/2016 Lots of snow the entire way made for very slow progress. Had plans on going to Lone Peak but decided to call it at Enniss. With Ben Stokes and Greg Jagielski.
1/26/2013 With the WMC on their annual winter ascent of Lone Peak we made a point to climb up and over Enniss Peak along the way. I would like to say great views, but it was kind of socked in that day.


oldgoatwasatch - Jun 2, 2013 12:16 pm Date Climbed: May 31, 2013


I started out to explore the Jacobs Ladder Trail and to take pictures. It was a picture perfect day with a steady cooling breeze and four hours later I found myself on top. It's been a couple of decades since I was last up here.

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