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Created On: Aug 10, 2006
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Escalavrado ( Scratched ) is the first big mountain of Serra dos Órgãos National Park looking from the south side. An imponent spire arising in the Atlantic Forest, reaching 1406m above the Sea level. Ecalavrado has a rounded form in all sides, elapsing the rock erosion by winds, rains and weather changes. The road to Teresópolis town , BR-116 cross the base of Escalavrado, making easy the acess to the south and east routes. At the base is possible to see how this big wall is tall , slippery and exposed. This mountain localizes at the south portion of Serra dos Órgãos National Park.
Looking to North from the summit, we see two important mountains : Dedo de Deus ( 1695m ) and Dedo de Nossa Senhora ( 1430m ); To the East , Jacarandá Protection Area ( Atlantic Forest Reserve ); To South , Rio de Janeiro State slopes and Guanabara Bay; To West appear the Castelos do Açu Altiplane ( 2200m ).
EscalavradoEscalavrado East Face

Getting There

Escalavrado has the easiest access to climb the big walls inside SONP, starting the route close to the BR-116 road, just few steps from the asphalt. After Guapimirim town, in the base of Serra dos Órgãos, drive more 15km up the mountains and, just in the main Escalavrado Wall have a little parking car to reference the start.
Rio de Janeiro – BR-040 to north – BR-116 to North – Mage town – Guapimirim town – Escalavrado. 80 km of distance from downtown Rio de Janeiro.
BR-116 road put you in front...Escalavrado is the first big wall of Serra dos Órgãos National Park

Red Tape

No fees or taxes to climb the mountain. For your safety, notify the Serra dos Órgãos security about your climbing.
To make trails inside the forest, I recommend an experient guide.


There aren’t any places to camp on Escalavrado or in the base. The forest is close and without good areas to bivouac or camping. There aren’t brooks or water sources in the trail.

External Links

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When to Climb

All seasons are good to climb Escalavrado but, be careful with Summer season – Storms could punish brave climbers. The South and East routes are protected by shadows after 12:00.
Storms near EscalavradoEscalavrado and the rainforest


Abuso Route
D5 7º VIIa A2+
Michel Cipolatti, Miguel Monteza, Léo Siqueira, Alexandre Siqueira e Guilherme Fonseca , 2002.

Variante Cabeça de Batata

Miguel Monteza e Patrícia Duffles, 2003.

Variante Chatron Backes

Face Oposta do Escalavrado
4º A1
André Ribas, Antônio Carlos Magalhães e Mário Luiz Rodrigues Arnauld, 1977.

Helio Paz Route

Infinita Highway
6º VIsup (A1/VIIb)
Miguel Monteza Rego e Lauro Cavalcanti, 1998.

Variante Thales de Garcia

Xenólitos Perdidos do Imenso Monolito
D4 6º VIsup E3, 800m
Miguel Monteza, Guilherme Fonseca e Patrícia Duffles, 2003.
Aperitivo RouteClimbing in Escalavrado


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