Fantasy Island (Callahans)

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Fantasy Island (Callahans)
Created On: Dec 18, 2011
Last Edited On: Dec 18, 2011


Fantasy Island is another classic Callahans sandstone formation, this one located at the far northern end of the trail. With numerous routes, albeit shorter, moderate routes, Fantasy Island has enough to keep a climber occupied for a day or two. Certainly taking the extra fifteen minutes to make the hike is made worthwhile by climbs like Cosmos (5.8) and Outer Limits (5.9).

Getting There

Either drive up Touchstone lane and hike the Callahans trail to the Baseline trail, or when it is open, hike down from above to the Baseline trail, then hike north for approximately ten to fifteen minutes, passing numerous large (and, for the most part, unclimbed) crags, until finding the sign for Fantasy Island. Hike up the switch-backing trail to reach the saddle.

Red Tape

Please note, this is Weyerhauser land, and is private property, so we, as climbers, need to take care of this area or we risk having it closed to us. So please, no smoking, camping, polluting of any kind. Now that this area has grown in popularity, we are starting to see more and more poorly buried toilet paper. It's not terrible yet, but it could become that way, so please, bury it deep or pack it out.


While there is no camping allowed at the climbing area, there are numerous local areas to pitch a tent in comfort. According to Greg Orton's guide, the Twin Rivers Vacation Park has some nice group areas for tents. They can be contacted HERE. or contacted by phone at (541) 673-3811.
Though it is not recommended, there is free, waterless camping on the Bear Ridge portion (north of the climbing areas) of the Callahans, but risk of theft or vandalism runs high.


Local Weather Conditions HERE.


Cosmic Wall
Cosmos (5.8)*
Outer Limits (5.9)*
Legend Of The Fall (5.10a)
Bonsai Crack (5.6. trad)
Bungee Jump (5.10c)
South Wall
Screams (5.9 A1)
Finger Fang (5.7 A1)
Soul Sacrifice (5.9 A1)
Lower Wall
King Kong (5.5)
Bloody Knuckles (5.9)
Bambi Meets Godzilla (5.9)
Wild Thing (5.7)
East Wall
Dot to Dot (5.9)
Spiritual Journey (5.10a)
Walk On The Wild Side (5.7)
Space Cowboy (5.8)*
Rocket Man (5.10b)
North Wall
Mad Hatter (5.8)
White Rabbit (5.10a)
Through The Looking Glass (5.8)
Twilight Zone (5.10a)
* Recommended

Fantasy Island (Callahans)

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