Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 47.00670°N / 13.50080°E
Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Elevation: 8569 ft / 2612 m


On the south ridge of Faschaunereck
On the south ridge
Faschaunereck from the NE
From the NE

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Faschaunereck Presented

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Faschaunereck is a mountain for skiing. In summer it can offer a little, just a pleasant panorama, but in winter and spring its south and east slopes are ideal for a ski tour and the peak is often ascended.

Faschaunereck belongs to the Hafner Group, which is part of Hohe Tauern. Main peaks of this group run in the NW-SE direction and above the old, picturesque town of Gmuend our peak lies in a side crest, going from the main one towards the south.

Getting There

Malta valley
Malta valley
From Gmuend, a beautiful medieval town close to the highway Villach - Salzburg you take a road into the Malta valley (towards the NW). Reaching the village of Malta, you turn north and take a narrow mountain road on Maltaberg. This is a group of farm houses, huts and hay barns, lying on the altitude of 1600 meters, where the road is closed for public traffic. You park by the Kramer Huette. Also in spring this mountain road is usually opened for traffic, because it lies on sunny slopes, facing towards the south.

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Routes Overview

A self-made map of Stubeck...
In der Faschaun
In the Faschaun valley
First turns from Faschaunereck
The first turns from the summit
From Kramer Huette you proceed by the road towards the north, in the shallow valley, named In der Faschaun. On the right side of the valley lies Stubeck (2370 m), also an ideal ski mountain, on the left, north-western side, lies Faschaunereck. Reaching 1800 m of altitude you start ascending towards the left over broad, for skiing ideally inclined slopes (Faschaunleiten). You pass the small, decayed Eggenhuette (2161 m) and proceed to the south ridge of Faschaunereck. There you turn north again and over a few ridge steps reach the peak of Faschaunereck. The peak is actually only one of more distinctive bumps of the ridge, continuing then further towards the north (to the Reitereck peak, 2790 m).

From the parking place by Kramer Huette to the top of Faschaunereck you need 3 hours (for 1000 meters), skiing down will take you less than one. If the road to Maltaberg is covered by snow, you will need from Malta valley two more hours, but then Faschaunereck will offer you 1800 m of good ski slopes.

If you are not bound to a car, waiting on Maltaberg, many other ski tours can be done. You can climb Stubeck and ski towards the south or north-east, or you can climb Torscharte (2106 m) and ski down into the Wolfs Bach valley.

Red Tape

No limitations.

When To Climb

Winter and spring for tour skiing (February - May), and summer and autumn for hiking (July - October) are the best months.


On Maltaberg there is a mountain hut, named Kramerhuette, but as the tour on Faschaunereck is short you actually don't need it.