Fenêtre de Ferret

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 45.87900°N / 7.15730°E
Route Type: Hike and Scramble
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: Walk-Up


The Pointe de Drône is located a little west of the pass of Gd. St. Bernard on the border between Italy and Switzerland. The trailhead therefore is on top of the pass at 2469m of altitude. To get there be sure to miss the tunnel - you need to get to the top!

 Mont Fourchon 2902m Lac de Fenêtre 2512m Mont Telliers 2951m Col du Bastillon 2757m Dent du Grand Lé 2884m Pointe de Drône 2949m Montagna Baux 2373m Lac de Fenêtre 2498m Petite Chenalette 2885m Mont Mort 2867m Col du Grand Saint Bernard 2469m Pain de Sucre 2919m Grande Chenalette 2889m Col Fenêtre de Ferret 2697m Lac de Fenêtre 2457m Petit Lé 2581m Les Lacerandes 2777m Col des Chevaux 2716m Tête Fenêtre 2823m Grand Lé 2554m

Interactive overview map of the Pointe de Drône area (thanks to livioz)

Route Description

Altitude gain: 500m
Duration: 2h
Trailhead: Gd. St. Bernhard

The ascent via Fenêtre de Ferret first heads down the pass road (italian side) for about 500m and then leads upwards to the pass "Fenêtre de Ferret" at 2698m. On the left hand side of the trail there is Pain du Sucre (2919m) which can be climbed "on the fly".

From the Fenêtre you can take the (rocky) ridge up to the Pointe de Drône. The ascent is a scramble of about one hour and rewards you with great views of the highest peaks of the Alps.

The route can be combined with the ferrata via Grand Chenalette. On the other hand you can descend to the Lacs de Ferret and from there on make a round trip via three mountain passes and a multitude of beautiful lakes.

Essential Gear

Normal hiking gear is sufficient.