Fichtelgebirge Climbing Area

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Fichtelgebirge Climbing Area
Created On: Jun 12, 2007
Last Edited On: Aug 30, 2007

Historical climbing at Fichtelgebirge's heart

This album provides a 1st collection of climbing and scenery photos from the 70ies of the last century. I hope I can enlarge it to later times step by step.

is a very beautiful low mountain range in northeastern Bavaria (Germany) with granite rocks resulting from the Caledonian era some 280 Million years ago, with a varied subsequent geological record.
Since the Middle Ages it is covered mainly by an extended spruce forest.
It harbours a very particular flower called "Siebenstern" (Seven star), which blossoms inconspicuously near the ground with a 7-fold tiny white bloom.


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Images of the Rudolfstein area

The summit region of Rudolfstein (866 m) embraces one of the richest climbing areas of Fichtelgebirge. Its rocks consist of strangely stacked granite slabs, where often friction or crack climbing dominates.

Rudolfstein lies at the heart of Fichtelgebirge, a few km south of the small town of Weißenstadt. Actually it can be considered a shoulder of Schneeberg ("snow mountain", 1053 m), the highest mountain in Fichtelgebirge, which lies about 3 km south of Rudolfstein. On the ridge way from Rudolfstein to Schneeberg one passes the rock group of the so called "3 brothers".

RudolfsteinAerial view of Rudolfstein summit

3 BrothersAerial view of 3 brothers

Approaching RudolfsteinApproaching Rudolfstein

At 3 BrothersThe central of the "3 brothers"
At 3 BrothersEast crack of south brother

Sister rocksThrough the spruce wood to the "Sister Stones"
RudolfsteinRudolfstein summit pillar
RudolfsteinRudolfstein summit pillar, upper part


I hope for someone who can contribute images from the following decades, in order to extend and complement this album.


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Fichtelgebirge Climbing Area

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