Fiery Furnace

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Fiery Furnace
Created On: Apr 19, 2010
Last Edited On: Apr 19, 2010
I had wanted to see the Fiery Furnace ever since a friend told me about hiking there. There are no trails and no maps of the area, just a maze of canyons, rock and washes. In order to hike in the area, you must either buy a ticket (currently $10) for the ranger led hike (some fun minor scrambling involved) or pay for a permit. To get a permit, every member of your party must watch a short program about minimizing impact.

When we were in the Moab area in March, my husband and I went on the ranger led hike. I decided it would be a good way to become familiar with the area if I am able make a return visit. The hiking was broken up with an interpretive program. I was surprised to find the visual aids used actually helped me get a better understanding of the area's geology. The hike turned out to be an enjoyable experience and I recommend it if you are playing tourist at Arches.

These are some pictures I took.


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