Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 62.24843°N / 6.31199°E
Additional Information County: Ørsta
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 3871 ft / 1180 m
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FingerenThe summit of Fingeren

Fingeren is a pointy summit situated in an area with many beautiful mountains like kolåstind, Nordre and Søre Sætretind. It offers nice skiing-possibilities during winter and spring. Access to this area is good, thanks to the gravel road over Standaleidet. This allows you to start within close proximity to the mountians and at an altitude of app. 390 meters above sea level

Each year since 1941 there has been held a skirace called Standalrennet in these mountains. Snowconditions determines where the actual slope runs, often from the glen beneat Fingeren and towards Standalhytta.

A bit to the north of Fingeren you'll find a "rocky needle" kalled Sylen, witch can be climbed (Norwegian grade 4 on the north side, grade 5 on the south side).

Getting There


For directions to Ålesund see Sunnmøre page.

From Ålesund follow E39 in the direction of Bergen/Volda to the ferry from Solevåg to Festøy. Take the ferry to Festøy. After the ferry there are two options: Continue to drive in the direction Bergen/Volda. From Ørsta, drive app. 4 km on road 655. Follow the signs to Kolåsen/Standalen.

Parking near a small lake (standalsvatnet)and a large touristcabin, Standalhytta. (map)

Or you could follow road 71 to Standal, and then follow the dirt road to the small lake.(map)

Normal route

FingerenStart from the parkinglot

Start out at Standalhytta and follow a path that will lead you west, towards Fingeren. You'll see the summit at all times. The path turns right and upwards by a small ridge called Bjønnanakken (Bear's neck). After a while i turns left again and you walk almost straight towards the summit.

It might be difficult to see the path in summer because you have to cross some marshy terrain. Expect wet conditions in the lower parts of this route. After crossing the marsh you'll reach a ridge where the path should be dry and easy to find.

On about 800 meters (above sealevel) you turn westward again and you'll be walking in rocky terrain, crossing some running water or perhaps some snowfields depending on the time of the year. Go towards a glen on the right side of the summit.

FingerenThe last bit

From the glen there are some easy climbing (app. 40 vertical meters) on the northside of Fingeren before you reach the summit. There are no route that stands our as best way to climb the last bit, so be careful. A rope might come in handy as the summit is quite exposed.

Follow the same route in winter, but consider whether the last bit is safe to climb.

Vertical gain: app.790 meters
Distance: app. 3 km

Red Tape

No red tape.

Camping and Lodging

Camping is allowed. (not closer than 150 meters to huts)

It is also possible to stay at the hut, Standalhytta. See Standalhytta for information.