Fire Salamander of Devil's Rock

The Fire Salamander (Salamandra salamandra – Polish: Salamandra plamista) is the largest species of newt in the family Salamandridae. Its length can reach from 15 to 30 cm. Its body is black with variable yellow markings. No two salamanders look alike!
In Poland it can be found in the Carpathians and the Sudetans Range from 300 to 1100 meters. Fire Salamander is nocturnal and prefers woodland habitats with much shade and ponds or streams for breeding. It spends much time beneath rocks, logs and in crevices to stay protected and moist. The main defense of S. salamandra against predators is its toxicity. The large glands behind its eyes and rows of poison glands extending lengthwise down the animal's body secrete neurotoxins. The toxins are not dangerous for humans, but can be skin irritants. Fire Salamanders are under protection in Poland.
The Low Beskid - Magura National Park - "Devil`s Rock" – sandstone rock complex – “Diabli Kamien” - October 9, 2008.


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