Flora of the Rudawy Janowickie Mts.

Flora of the Rudawy Janowickie Mts.

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We can know a lot about mountains when we observe their flora!

Rudawy Janowickie are not very high mountains. Their highest mountain is Skalnik (945 m a.s.l.). These mountains are much forested, mainly by spruces but also by beeches, birches, sycamores, Pseudotsuga, Sorbus and Abies. A rocky flora we can find at higher sites, more elevated to sun. When hiking here we can see beautiful meadows with many flowers and butterflies. In dark places on rocks and at brooks various species of ferns, mosses and liverworts grow. This album presents living organisms which in a broad sense we can include into a flora term. That means that I present here plants, mushrooms, lichens, mosses and ferns. I hope that the presented pictures will well supplement your knowledge about Rudawy Janowickie Mts.

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