<FONT COLOR=GREEN><B>Emilius's</B></FONT> in SUM and S. <font color=red> EMO</font> & <font color=purple>SUGG </font> <font color=green><B>GARIN Peak </B><b>Sixties Fashion</b></font>

Emilius's in SUM and S. EMO & SUGG GARIN Peak Sixties Fashion

GARIN PEAK (3481 m) New Variant to Great Shoulder 3207/8m, by West Slope and SW Ridge, in ascent; New Route, by West Wall, in descent. (Routes n° 18 + 19 + in descent 25) Dario Franco Sergio CARDELLINA, fourteen-year-old boy SEPTEMBER 22th, 1966 in the South Summit (3479,5 m). Action'photo by brother Osvaldo
on Mar 23, 2010 4:14 am