<font color=red><B>AOSTA's</font> VALLEY <font color=green>SUMMITS MOUNT VELAN</font> <font color=blue>S-SE and E-SE FACES</FONT><font color=red> ON the ROCKS</FONT></B>


MONT VELAN (3734m) S-SE and E-SE FACES of ALL SUMMITS ON the ROCKS * From left (West) ALL Rocky ROUTES:
* 1799, Aug. 31th: West Crest or Hannibal's Crest: Abbot Gr. St. Bernard and Naturalist Laurent-Joseph Murith and the Hunter Genoud in superior third of crest (IN LEFT OF B14)- ), after initial ascent on W-NW Slope of crest in FIRST ABSOLUTE ASCENT of MONT VELAN. 1826, on Summer; Abbots D'Allèves and Marquis in descent integral to Hannibal Pass.

1997 Route: 1997, Jul. 27th: SW Ridge (amongst b15)- and 1973/c1bis)- routes; Osvaldo Cardellina, lone, in desc. from Mount Velan/Quota 3650 metres about. to Faceballa Pass. 1997, Jul. 25th: S-SE Face, by Western Horn South Pillar or "Hourglass Pillar"; Osvaldo Cardellina, lone and descent integral, by Western Narrow Couloir (c2)- ). 1998 Route: 1998, Sep. 27th: S-SE Face, by Eastern Horn South Pillar; Osvaldo Cardellina, lone and descent integral, by Western Great Couloir (c1)- ).
(lemon yellow color) 1920 Route: 1920, Jun. 28th: S-SE Face, by Velan's Jags South Central Pillar c2/a (partial in inferior part, crossing toward Central Great Couloir (c3)- and Eastern Horn South Pillar) to Eastern Horns Brèche; Antonio Frisoni, Cesare Negri, Luigi Vavassori and Carlo Virando. 1916 Route: 1916, Jul. 25th: of Ariondet Head E-SE Face, by E-SE Great Crest c5)- route; Mario Borelli and Nunzia Borelli, with traverse to Ariondet "Carving". 1912 Route: 1912, Oct. 17th: Mont Capucin SE Face, between c5)- , c6)- routes; Abbot Joseph Maria Henry and Mountain Guide Théodhule Forclaz. 1939 Route: 1939, Aug. 17th: Mount Cordine SE Face, between c6)- , c6bis)- routes; Giovanni Soncelli and Paride Tagliabue ** In high against the sky: 1826, on Summer: NE Crest; The Abbots Great Saint Bernard D'Allèves and Marquis, in superior part from Western Velan's Horns to Ice Cup Summit. 1976, Jul. 15th: NE Crest Osvaldo Cardellina, Luigi Gadin and Faustin Savoye, in integral descent from Ice Cup Summit to Valsorey Pass and Velan's Finger or Jag second absolute ascent, by Osvaldo Cardellina, lone.

*** In purple Pass, Saddles, Brèches and "Carvings" : 1)- Faceballa Pass (3239m);

2)- Faceballa Saddle (3280m);

3)- Quota (3650m);

4)- Western Triple Brèche (3628/30, 3608, 3605 metres about);

5)- Eastern Brèche (3610/2 metres about);

6)- Jags's "Notch" (3557 metres about);

7)- Ariondet "Carving"(3480 metres about);

8)- Capucin Pass (3376m);

9)- Southwestern Chamois Pass (3259m):

10)- Southeastern Chamois Pass; (3420 metres about)
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