Forest Lawn

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 33.77090°N / 116.6967°W
Route Type: Aid Climbing
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: A2+
Number of Pitches: 1

Getting To The Climb

Park at the designated area near the signed 'Climbers Trail' to Suicide Rock on Circle Drive. Walk down steps fortified with old railroad ties to a trail across a creek to a paved road. Turn right onto the small paved road and continue uphill until it becomes a dirt lane and terminates near a locked brown box. Turn left here and continue up. One will pass a trail register on your left. Signing isn't manditory. Continue up the trail and past a sign stating "Trail not maintained past this point". The trail climbs and will exit on the left to begin switchbacks to base of Suicide Rock. Scramble till one reaches the base of the rock and turn right (north) along the base. Follow the trail along the base and up until one reaches a point were the rock ends. Once past this point, locate a vague climbers trail that ascends a series of switchbacks along the hillside and up to the main trail above. Once at the main trail, turn left and follow it for 400 yards, passing the high point of the trail. As the trail descends, leave the trail to the left and head down to locate a line of weaknesses between the last rock formation (Le Dent Pinnacle) on the southwestern side of Suicide Rock. There is a steep gully that leads down the most western side. Use caution as there is loose rock and pine needles, making for one slippery descent. Once at a low point, traverse through woods, referencing the base of the rock. Traverse roughly 300 yards to the east. One will locate a ledge system working upward, still heading east. The ledge system terminates next to a large pine on a narrow ledge. As one looks upward, there is a steep yet easy crack climb to a small ledge (25' above the pine). Above this ledge and slightly to the right is the start to the overhanging Suicide classic 'Forest Lawn'. The belay will take medium to large nuts and cams.

Tackling 'Forest Lawn'

Since the first crux has been navigated (locating the climb :P), climb up and right to the crack that slashes the overhanging face. The first 15' is freeclimbing (5.6). Once at the crack, start up and left. Follow this crack to a roof and traverse up and left underneath it (A2+). Continue until it works up a steep left facing corner. Climb this corner for 25 feet and top out on a small somewhat sloping ledge near a pine tree. Two fairly new 3/'8" bolts with Metolius hangers are located on the wall, left of the pine tree. Fix the line here and ensure the line is resting in the rounded crack rather than the outside edge (sharp!) Total length 130'. From the belay, climb a short 5.6 face to big holds and continue straight up to stately ledge 30' above. A short scramble above this stately ledge area allows access to the top of Suicide. Hike out the way you came in.


-One 60 meter rope
-One tag line
-(2) #4 KB's, (2) #4 LA's, (3) baby Angles
-small to medium brass and aluminum nuts, including (2) #12 nuts...very helpful up high!
-(3) hydrid offset Aliens, reg. Aliens up to a yellow Alien
-50 ovals plus a few quickdraws to eliminate rope drag