Frenchman's block?

Lava Butte is part of a geologic WONDER called Frenchman's block.
As massive amounts of earth are carried out of the Lake Mead area, the Frenchman's block, relieved of an enormous weight, rises higher and higher until the rock is exposed. This is how ancient rock called Vishnu Schist became exposed. The top of that layer, the Great Unconformity, is a world-wide marvel (marked by plaques where Lake Mead Bovlevard passes between Sunrise and Frenchman's Mountains.) The Vishnu Schist exposed in this area is estimated by geologists to be 1.7 billion years old!!!
~ photo taken near Northshore Road in Clark County, Nevada 03/03/2008

GEEZ, I can't remember if I ever climbed this volcanic Mojave mound!
I must have ... Frenchman's block!!! :)


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