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From Agres, Normal
Created On: Jan 27, 2009
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This is the easiest way to reach the summit of Montcabrer (1390 m). Though the route is approximately 2 Km longer than from Ermita de San Critòfol (550 m) the height gain is 200 m less.

Getting There

For reaching Agres see "Getting There" here. Then drive up through the village streets to Santuario Virgen de Agres (795 m) wich is at the end of a narrow road.

Route Description

Start the ascent leaving Santuario to the right and a concrete trail to the left. Almost on the highest section ascend the path converts into a forest trail. Follow it to the left for 25 m and continue the ascent on the right. There is only the last section of the ascent before Refugio del Montcabrer (1220 m - 1 hour), wich is not visible until you are next to it. Up to the hut we'll only take the most marked trail leaving aside any other path.

Take the forest trail SE wards for a few meters and turn to the left on flat towards Montcabrer, mountain that we can see at a distance. There is a little rounded reservoir to the right used by the fire brigades' helicopters. It must be left to the right. Start a 350 m long descent leaving PR V-56 trail to the left. Some meters below that crossing take another trail to the left. It's on flat and some short descents til a new crossing, placed approximately 1250 m from the point we left the forest trail. Follow ascending on the trail (GR-7 now) that leaves the high cliffs of Montcabrer to the right. Reach Font del Pouet (15 minutes from the last crossing) on flat, this is a water source marked with a placard. It's certain that we find water in the new drinking fountain located in a little poplar grove 25 m below that placard.

Follow on the trail for 200 m and take a new path (PR V-37) to the right. After ascending 400 m while surrounding Montcabrer (1390 m) walls we'll reach its top. But 50 m until that moment we must leave another path to the left. 2h 30 min

The descent is on the same route. 4h 15 min.

Essential Gear

Take a cap and enough water in late Spring but do not forget a jacket. In late Autumn, Winter and early Spring wear warm clothes and crampons in the snowed coldest days. Do not forget map, compass and altimeter any time of the year. Try to avoid the hot Summer months and the rainy first half of the Fall.

From Agres, Normal

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