from Humber Park (Devil's Slide)

from Humber Park (Devil's Slide)

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Lat/Lon: 33.77201°N / 116.67686°W
Time Required: Half a day


This way of accessing Tahquitz Peak is the most popular route for hiking Tahquitz Peak. It begins at beautiful Humber Park, which is shadowed by Tahquitz Rock. From here, you begin hiking Devil's Slide. The trail to the peak is very well mainted as it is one of the most heavily traveled trails within Mt. San Jacinto State Park. Becuase of this fact, it is a good idea to arrive early at the trailhead in order to get a parking spot and to avoid the crowds.

Two things are neccesary to hike this route: First, a permit. Also an Adventure Pass is neccesary to park at the trailhead. This can be obtained in a yearly pass or a day pass for $5. You can find them at most sporting goods store and at the ranger station.

Getting There

This is the tricky part. From Hwy 243, take a right (if your heading north) and take a left (if your head south) onto Pine Crest Ave. Then take a small right at S. Circle Dr. Then take a left at Fern Valley Road. Follow Fern Valley Road all the way to Humber Park.

Route Description

From Humber Park, head up Devil's Slide (and you will find how it got its name). This part of the trail is 2.5 miles long. You will then reach Saddle Junction. From here, follow the signs to Tahquitz Peak (which will be the trail on the right leading SW). This part is around a mile long. From here, you reach a fork in the trail. Follow the signs towards Tahquitz peak. This part is around .4 miles long. In some places, there trail is fairly narrow, so be careful. After this segement, you arrive at the peak. The elevation gain is around 2,426' with and the roundtrip mileage is about 9 miles.
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Essential Gear

Summer- Boots, plenty of water, map/ compass, and sun protection.

Winter- The same as mention above, but also snowshoes, crampons, and an ice axe might be needed as well. Also, warm clothes would be a good idea.

External Links

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Idyllwild CA 92549

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Idyllwild CA

Mt San Jacinto State Park


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