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From Krn Lake
Created On: Feb 26, 2006
Last Edited On: Apr 16, 2018

Rating The Tour By Hiking Standards

0. General: 700m to 2041m, exposition S and SW, marked path till the W shore of Krn Lake, then abandoned military path from the World War I, on top easy scramble. Some care is needed on steep grassy slopes. Gear: Good shoes and poles.
1. Effort: 1350m, 5h.
2. Power: 1 - no difficulties, only walk-up.
3. Psyche: 3 - medium (steep grassy and rocky slopes).
4. Orientation: 3 - medium (below the summit ridge no path).

Getting There

You start the tour at the end of Lepena valley. See the main page how to get there.

Route Description

Lemez mapLemez and its surroundings

Directly over the S slopes.

By a broad, well marked path you reach from Lepena valley first Dom pri Krnskih jezerih (hut) and then by the southern shore the west bank of Krn Lake. There deter right from the marked path (it goes further on Krn). You will notice a rocky wall, behind which the military path starts. Obviously this shelter was needed as high above on Krncica Italian guns were aiming down. The path then soon ascends the southern slopes of Lemez. We gain altitude, then the path continues crossing the slopes towards the left. The terrain is not hard, we move comfortably, if we have time we can explore many remains from the World War I. The path was once connecting the outposted military objects, so it leads us more and more up below the summit of Vrsic. On the right we notice fresh wounds in Lemez's slopes, the big rocky landslide from the earthquake year 1997. Below the summit of Vrsic the path gets lost. We are on steep grassy slopes and there's no use to cross them horizontally towards Cez Potoce pass. It's equally steep to go straightforward up. So we reach the main ridge somewhere around Vrsic summit. On the main ridge we turn right and continue by it. Firs it is narrow enough and requires some care, later it becomes more comfortable and over the fore-summit we soon reach the highest point.

Via Cez Potoce pass.

If we don't feel keen exploring WWI remains and searching passages, we can go by a more comfortable variant around. From the West shore of Krn Lake we continue towards the SW to Planina na Polju (alpine meadow), 1530m, there turn right and start ascending by a shallow grassy ravine towards the NW. Also there we can find old paths and the terrain is not steep. The route is not marked, but we should have no problems reaching Cez Potoce pass, where we turn right and start ascending the summit ridge.


Of course we can descend by the route of ascent, but here I shall describe the route from Cez Potoce pass towards the north. When/if somebody will put this as an ascent route, I shall delete this part. The reason is, that I don't remember all details any more.

From the summit we descend by the main ridge to Cez Potoce pass. There we turn right, northwards, and descend first by the ravine (screes), then we keep left, crossing the slopes of Skutnik and Lopatnik. The direction is NW and we can still follow a tiny (probably hunters) path. After some 30min of descent from Cez Potoce we stop crossing the slopes and go more directly downwards. If visibility is good, we shall probably succeed to find Planina Zagreben (ex alpine meadow, today there's a good hunters hut). In fog we shouldn't go here. If having orientation problems, we should just keep westwards, avoiding thus to get too much down into Sumnik gorges. From the hunters hut the descent gows down into Lepena valley by a very good hunters path, which we can not miss. If we have enough time we can also try to enter Sumnik gorge and see some of its waterfalls. For the whole descent take some 4 hours!

From Krn Lake

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