Skednjovec from Krstenica by the West ridge

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Slovenia, Europe
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Summer, Fall
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Most of a day
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Class 3

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Skednjovec from Krstenica by the West ridge
Created On: Dec 17, 2006
Last Edited On: Mar 28, 2018

Rating the Tour (by Hiking Standards)

The grading system for hiking and scrambling routes is here.

0. General. From 1150m to 2309m, some ups and downs over the karst world before the West saddle. Below good marked paths, above a complete pathless karst terrain, with no marks, ciarns or whatever. The summit ridge is sharp, exposed, the rock is lose. Gear: Good shoes and poles, for less experienced a short rope for the summit ridge.
Milestones of the route: Planina Blato, 1150m - Planina Krstenica, 1670m - Jezerce, 1720m - Miseljski preval, 1995m - West saddle, 2250m - Skednjovec, 2309m.
1. Effort. Cca 1200m of altitude, 4h 30min.
2. Power. 2 - easy.
3. Psyche. 4 - hard, the summit ridge sharp, exposed, lose.
4. Orientation. 4 - hard.


See the main page how to get to the end parking place in Suha valley, on Planina Blato (alpine meadow), 1150m. On the main page of Skednjovec there are also short descriptions how to reach the West saddle from other sides. Here, the route over Krstenica meadow will be described.

Route Description

Planina Krstenica in summer....On Krstenica
From Blato parking place, 1150m, we continue by the marked cart-road towards the NE. Soon the steep cart-road flattens and on the place, where it starts going horizontally, we need to find the marked path which turns left, up the slope. The direction is towards the north. We first gain some altitude, then we continue walking through nice high woods. In a good hour we reach a hunters hut, standing on the edge of the abyss above Blato, offering a nice view over the high Bohinj plateau. From the hut it is very close to the first shepherds huts on Krstenica meadow. We ascend up, where from the highest positioned huts we have a beautiful panorama all around. 1h 30min till here.

From Krstenica, 1670m, we continue by a good marked path towards the north. The path soon starts crossing the slopes above the valley (left below is the lower part of Dolina za Debelim vrhom), on the right the Stogi ridge begins. Between the long ridge of Ogradi on the left and Stogi on the right we walk comfortably to Jezerce meadow, 1720m. Here is another water source (usually) and the ruins of some ex shepherds huts.

From Jezerce a marked path deters right up on Jezerski preval (saddle), but we continue walking by the valley in a NW direction. The marked path goes by the left side of a small bump in the middle of the valley, the non-marked path goes around it on the right side. After some 15 minutes we already approach the big rocky barrier, which stretches ortogonally across the whole valley and closes it on the north-western side. This is the end of the lower part of the valley. Below this rocky wall a marked path connects Lazovski preval on the left and Miseljski preval on the right - the two saddles in the crests on both sides of the valley. (A similar path goes also above the wall.) We continue by the lower path towards the right (NE) and ascend Miseljski preval (saddle), 1995m. From Krstenica 1h 15min till here.

Vrh Hribaric and Skednjovec from EvaBelow the S face
Skednjovec - West RidgeSkednjovec W ridge
Actually for the West ridge ascent we don't need to go just on Miseljski preval. We can go also directly up the slope and so reach the upper marked path, which connects the two saddles. If we ascended Miseljski preval, we need to go a few minutes by this path back towards the west. Here a valley, leading below the South wall of Skednjovec, starts. It is possible to continue by this valley, but it is more comfortable to keep left above its south-western edge. So, from the upper marked path we ascend up towards the north-west by the high edge above the valley below the South wall of Skednjovec. All the time we see the valley below Skednjovec, but on all other sides the terrain is hard for orientation and we need quite some orientation skills to find the best passages. After passing the summit of Skednjovec, we tend towards right, more and more in the northern direction, and finally, when reaching below Vrh Hribaric, we turn right through a shallow ravine and comfortably reach the saddle below Skednjovec West ridge, on the altitude of some 2250m. From the marked path less than 1h till here.

The summit ascent is easy regarding orientation - we keep as close to the ridge, as possible. But the ridge is knife sharp, rocks are loose and we must climb carefully. At first we climb close to the ridge or a bit right of it (the southern side), on top we stick just to the ridge. The upper part of the summit ridge offers just a little altitude gain, but overcomes some distance. On the top there's more space to breath freely and enjoy the panorama.

It is best to return down to the saddle below the West ridge and from there continue in any of the described directions. If we go by the same route (on Krstenica), we can use also soem of the screes in the valley below Skednjovec's South face.

Skednjovec from Krstenica by the West ridge

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