from Telescope Peak trail

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California, United States, North America
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from Telescope Peak trail
Created On: Feb 14, 2006
Last Edited On: Jan 31, 2007


From the Mahogany Flats trailhead, Rogers Peak is the obvious high peak to the immediate (approx. 1.5 miles) southwest. Bennett Peak is not visible.

Follow the obvious and well-maintained trail toward Telescope Peak. In about 3-4 miles, you’ll come to the obvious saddle between Rogers Peak (right, or north) and Bennett Peak (left, or south) on the spine of the range. This saddle is known as Arcane Meadows.

To Rogers

From the saddle, head north up easy slopes to the summit of Rogers Peak. It’s only a few hundred feet of gain over less than a half mile of walking. There’s a bunch of stuff on the summit.

* Alternately, in winter, it is usually preferable to head directly up the northeast ridge/face of Rogers from the trailhead. I haven’t done the route, so I’m hesitant to comment on it. It appears to be rather easy and very short. This route entails a roundtrip about 3 miles, with perhaps 1800 feet of gain.

To Bennett

From the saddle, head south up easy slopes to the summit of Bennett Peak. It’s only a few hundred feet of gain over about a quarter mile of walking.

The view of Telescope Peak from the summit is special.

* Alternately, in winter, it is usually preferably to head up the northeast ridge/face of Rogers, as described above, drop down to Arcane Meadows from Rogers’ summit, then head up to Bennett.

Essential Gear

Basic hiking gear in summer.

In winter, crampons/axe and/or snowshoes may be needed.

Plenty of water, and some sunscreen.

from Telescope Peak trail

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