From Teryho Chata (normal rout)

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Slovakia, Europe
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easy rock climbing
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Half a day

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From Teryho Chata (normal rout)
Created On: Nov 8, 2005
Last Edited On: Nov 8, 2005


From Teryho Chata in Piatich Spisšských Plies Valley (how to get to this chalet see the main page of Pyšný Štit).

Route Description

When you stay before the chalet you see in the north-east direction Pyšný Štit and on the left at the foot a little cirque (Spiski Kocioł). A distinct, deep couloir runs to this cirque from Lastovičia Štrbina / Durna Przełęcz, which separates Pyšný Štit from Malý Pyšný Štit.

Our rout goes alongshore Prostredne Spišské Pleso / Pośredni Spiski Staw, next through grass and scree to the mouth of this couloir. Here turn left and follow a wide, scree-grassy ledge running steeply obliquely up (distinct path and cairns) to the next couloir, which runs from Malá Lastovičia Štrbina / Mała Durna Przełęcz (between Malý Pyšný Štit and Strapatá Veža) – you reach this couloir over a lower vertical step.

Next climb up by this couloir, through a few easy steps on Malá Lastovičia Štrbina (2h).

On the pass turn right (south-east) and follow a ridge (better a bit on Vel’ká Zmrzla Valley side) on the top of Malý Pyšný Štit (15 min) and next climb down by easy grassy-rocky slope on Lastovičia Štrbina (10 min). The Loktibrada / Durna Igła, which stick up from the pass, take from Vel’ká Zmrzla Valley side.

Next follow the ridge still in the same direction (better a bit on Vel’ká Zmrzla Valley side) to the summit of Pyšný Štit (20 min).

Essential Gear

normal hiking gear, for not good climbers - rope

Miscellaneous Info

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From Teryho Chata (normal rout)

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