Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 29.74656°N / 120.98163°E
Activities: Hiking
Elevation: 2740 ft / 835 m


Fuzhi Shan is a small mountain located in north Zhejiang province, China. Despite its not so impressive elevation of 835 amsl, it is anyway a very beautiful mountain, definitely worth the visit. Most importantly, as it receives rarely any visitors, it may be an ideal destination for one who seeks to experience some solitude within peaceful environs in an otherwise so crowded country. Besides wondering at the natural merits of the mountain itself, one may also be gratified in visiting the various ancient villages situated on its slopes, where their people still live and farm in pretty much the same ways their ancestors did several centuries ago, giving a quite accurate sensation of what life would be in medieval China. The mountain may be climbed within a two day round-trip from Shanghai, thus making a great possibility of a short trip for anyone happening to be there situated.

Getting There

There is a plentitude of possible routes to ascend the mountain from every side. 

Starting from:
Dongcheng village from the north.
Tiahualing village from the east.
Qiangang village from the south.

From Shanghai, take the train to Shaoxing,
then bus to Shangyu,
another bus to Shikuo,
and a last one to Dongcheng.


From Doncheng, walk some 500 m to the neighboring Liangchai village. Stroll a bit around the village's lanes till you encounter a paved path heading east and up the slope of the mountain. That's one of the trails leading up to the top, and is paved throughout its entire length. It first runs through the terraced plantations of the villagers. It then enters briefly into forest and out again to more farmland. It will soon lead you past a small pond and further up, till you reach the end of the farms, where a small kiosk is to be found beside an information board, giving you the curious data of the rock glacier (rock debris, remnants of a former glacier), with a subterranean water current to be heard gurgling while streaming under it, you shall be seeing in front of you. The trail from there goes past the right side of the rocks, though the rocks may be also used as a nice scramble, so to break the monotony of the paved path. After the farms give out, the trail continues through the dense shrub now covering the slopes. It soon goes by a rock with a sort of metallic porch laying upon it, serving as a viewpoint. Right there you will see a path coming from the left and heading straight up the mountain. You take that and you soon are at the top.

Check this map for this and more routes.

Red Tape

No permissions are needed. 
Camping is allowed everywhere. 
There are signs along the way warning you of it being prohibited to light a fire. Though I think that if you do, there will be nobody to mind it.

When to Climb

Whenever, though spring and fall would be better. It may be very hot in the summer and chilly in winter.


Camping is allowed anywhere, though the space is very limited near the top.

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