Gaspé in a VW

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Quebec, Canada, North America
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Jun 21, 1974
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Created On: Nov 12, 2003
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My wife and I took her five and six year old brothers and her eight year old cousin and packed them in our new 412 VW crammed with everything and left Oxford, Ohio in early mid June.
After picking up her cousin in Pittsburgh we drove by Niagara. Canadian customs ask where you been, where ya goin and we are outa there. We drove up the Saint-Lawrence camping on t he way to Quebec City. Took the Carriage ride around town and ate at Aux Ancien Canadiens. Great place to spend some time and it was evening before we crossed to the right bank on the big Saint Lawrence Cantilever Bridge. (My mom had left for France once or twice from Detroit by sailing from Quebec.) The drive up the Gaspé is great- just you and the road and an occassional big Olds, Buick or Caddy favored by the Quebeckers. We stopped at Rimouski where the Gulf of Saint Lawrence appears to start-to wide to see the north shore. The next day we drove up to the Chic-Choc mountains and saw Mont Albert and Mont Cartier. Then we drove around the end of the Gaspé. Had giant lobsters that were reasonably priced. Drove to Percé in the morning took the pix and waded out to the the gravel spit to the rock with numb feet. Had to return after a short stay because of the high (it ireally is) tide. Cautionary tale:
At the end of this trip, we took the Bluenose Ferry from Yarmouth Nova Scotia to Bar Harbor Maine and ran into a nasty customs agent at Bar Harbor. She asked where the kids were born and I ventured "Hamilton Ohio".
Retort from customs agent "I didn't ask you buddy!" After such an auspicious start our relationship has no where to go but down.
One hour after rumaging through my wife's dense packing she was less convinced we were smuggling kids or contraband and she seemed depressed. As she waved us on, I couldn't restrain myself from suggesting that the car had been left unattended for hours on the Ferry, so it was entirely possible that druggies had placed contraband in the wheel covers. She yelled stop and advanced, then waved us on with chagrin as I said I'd be writing my congress person.


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Gaspé in a VW

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