Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 47.00000°N / 10.00000°E
Activities Activities: Big Wall
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 6181 ft / 1884 m
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Geiselstein is a steep mountain in the Ammergau Alps. He has a height of 1.884 m and is well known for his climbing routes. There is only one “easy” route to reach the top, a very exposed and slippery way with UIAA II.
Then you have climbing routes between UIAA V and IX.
Caused by his distinctive form the free standing Geiselstein is often called as “Matterhorn of Ammergau Alps”.
You can climb at all sides of Geiselstein. The longest wall is the North wall with 500 hm.

Getting There

Via Füssen to Halblech. When you reach Halblech there is a sign on the right side with “Kenzenhütte”. Follow the sign. Next to the sawmill there is a parking place.
There you can use a bus to Kenzen hut or Wankerfleck (better for the routes of North, west and south wall). For that distance of 12 km you also can use a mountainbike.
From Wankerfleck you reach Geiselstein saddle (between North and South wall) in 1 h 30 min. From Kenzen hut you reach Geiselstein saddle in 1 h 45 min.

Red Tape

No red tape


Kenzen hut (1.285 m)
60 sleeping places
Phone: 08368/390
Open till end of October

Homepage Kenzen hut

Route overview

North wall:
Alte Nordwand (Herzogweg): 5
Neue Nordwand (Schertelweg): 6
Markus Niggl Gedenkweg: 6
Peitinger Weg: 6+
Im Wunderland der Träume: 7
Ozean voll Phantasie: 7-
Rinnen-Raggae: 5+
Verdauungsspaziergang: 6
Staubiger Bruder: 7
Blitz und Donner: 7
Nordwestpfeiler: 7

South wall:
Alte Südwand: 5
Südverschneidung: 5-
Ballisto: 6+
Südpfeiler: 7
Plattenrisse: 6

West wall:
Maagroute: 8-
Albtraum: 8-

East wall:
Bauchweh: 7
Direkte Ostwand: 6+
Durststrecke: 7-
Zahn des Wissens: 8+
Ostverschneidung: 6+
Im achten Himmel: 9-
Nordostkante: 7
Herr der Lage: 7

For hikers you can hike round Geiselstein at a nice trail. From Kenzen hut you can hike via Kenzensattel, Geiselsteinsattel to Wankerfleck and back to Kenzen hut in 3 ½ hours. When hikers want to reach a summit there they prefer Kenzenkopf (1.745 m). Near the summit Kenzenkopf is a little bit exposed but easy. Geiselstein is the mountain for climbers.