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Hamedan, Iran, Asia
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Created On: Jan 26, 2005
Last Edited On: Sep 19, 2005


It is one of the most beautifull peaks of Alvand in West Iran.It is a rocky peak and for climbing it ,you must know alittle about a simple rockclimbing technique.However you can climb it without technical equipments, only with your hands and legs!.It is a hard climbing in winter and has a beautiful scenery in spring time.In winter you must be very becarefull.It is one of the historical mountains of iran.arsalan is the name of one of the brave warriors of this zone.Saadi the great poeter of iran, use this peak in one of his books.

Getting There

For climbing this Mt. you can come to "Tehran" and then to "Hamedan" by bus(5 hours).you can take a taxi to "Ganjnameh".
Ganjname is one of the most important historical places of hamedan. tow "rock-writting" from "Daryoush shah" and "Khashayar shah" will intrest you.they are kings in "Hakhamaneshian" age.(2500 years ago).you can see Ganjname waterfall in below picturs. then you must climb to "Meidanmishan" to the there you can see tow will be about 50 min.then you must climb to "Takht-e-nader"in there, you can see,"Alvand"peak in your left.after that you can reach "Gardane" and travers "Douzakhdarre"to reach "Kalaghlan" takes about 80 min from meidan first you must go to "Daeembarf" a peak in the sout-west. you must take water from shelter beacause you will not have water in your rout.after daeembarf you must fall down to "Gardane ghezel".from daeembarf you can see Gezalarsalan peak as those pictures show. now you must climb to the peak(Gezelarsalan),.Another routs are : go to Barfin or Vehnan village and then you can sooner reach the peak.already the routs are exhabit.

Red Tape

In winter you must use technical equipment.

When To Climb

Always! But the best time to climb is in spring ( May ). In the winter you would have a hard time and a dangeros climb.


Yes.You can stay and camp there and have good times.3 shelter:Meidan mishan1,Meidan mishan2,Kalaghlan you can use without pay any thing.But in Meidan mishan1 you must pay alittle to stay a night.

Mountain Conditions

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