Gianni Junod Points hugged & kissed by Roises

Two Gianni Junod Points also called Central Roise (3300m around), sticked between the two Roises or RoizĂ  (= Glacier in ancient dialect).

From left: Great Roise, Junod Points Southern & Northern (both 3300m about), not named Quota 3259m, Little Roise with his Northerner Antesummit.

Centrally middle part: East & Northeast Faces of Great Roise, Eastern Walls of Gianni Junod Points (both 3300m about) & Unnamed Quota 3259m and North-northeastern Face of Little Roise & North Antesummit.

Frontally and in evidence: the steep East-northeast Edge of Great Roise & the long North-northeastern Ridge of Little Roise.


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