Giant Metal Box

I think this is called Hawk Peak or something; it is a sub-peak of Graham. It is the observatory I guess though it's not shaped like any observatory I've ever seen before. It's like one of those little electrical boxes on the side of the road, except this one is 100 feet tall. Weird.

Ancient indian legends say that the giant metal box smites all those who would trespass against the sacred red squirrel with fire and brimstone. Hence the charred forest.

On a more serious note, if you can see the giant metal box from the approach to the summit then it is possible that they can see you approaching the summit from the giant metal box or thereabouts. Not too likely, but possible as it is a lot harder to hide in the forest when much of it has burned down.


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coldfoot - Feb 18, 2009 8:10 pm - Hasn't voted

The mysterious box

The giant metal box has a big telescope inside. It's like a dome, but the whole box part rotates, and part of it slides away to let the telescope look out.

It is very difficult to see hikers on the true summit from Hawk Peak where the telescope sits, and anyway the astronomers aren't interested in catching hikers, only the Forest Service is.

Unfortunately though it's not clear that the total closure is what's needed to protect the red squirrel, that is what we have. Since the fires a lot of the squirrels may have moved down the mountain anyway.

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