Giggle (5.1)

I don't know about the 5.1 for this, which climbs the shadowed crack left of center; it looks harder from up top. That could be, however, due to the mossy rocks and brushy spots and not to the actual difficulty of the rock. The top is about 75 yards downstream from the top of 45-Degree Downclimb, and the route climbs about 50'. The crags, located at Great Falls, VA, are here seen from the Billy Goat Trail on the Maryland Side of the Potomac River. Because of the exposure, moss, and brush, accessing the base of this route without rappelling is very dangerous, even in the lowest of river levels. The combination of the difficult access and the low rating probably explains why you almost never see climbers on this route; it would be nice for unroped climbers who are gutsy enough to climb down to the base.

Great Falls, MD/VA-- October 2007


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