Glacier d'Arsine

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Location Lat/Lon: 44.96285°N / 6.41258°E
Additional Information Object Type: Glacier


Glacier d'Arsine is a "white" glacier but the end is "black", covered with stones. The lake inside the glacier is due to ice melting. This is a valley glacier becoming a circus glacier.

Tributary glaciers:

Glacier supérieur d'Arsine
Glacier du Réou d'Arsine

Surrounding summits:

Pic d'Arsine 3272m
Pic de Neige Cordier 3614m
Pic du Glacier Blanc 3527m
Pic du Glacier d'Arsine 3364m
Pointe Cézanne 3365m
Les Agneaux 3664m


Surface: 2,5 km2
Volume: ? m3
Length: 2,2 km
Width: 2,7 Km
Thickness: e < ? m

Altitude: 2500m < a < 3200m

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