Goat Citadel (8,000+ ft;...

Goat Citadel (8,000+ ft; second-highest point in the Goat Rocks) from the ESE on the way to Gilbert. The route from the west (from Cispus Pass) comes over the flat shoulder left of Goat Citadel here. Though it looks cliffy, the citadel has apparently been soloed by a nimble (and younger) relative of John Roper. I didn't see an easy way up it (i.e., a route less than Class 5) but I didn't check its east side.

Speaking of the name, there is actually a herd of mountain goats in this photo but you can't see them though I know where to look: there is a snow apron on the citadel's right (east) side. A very thin band of rocks extends up toward the summit through the center of this apron. At the base of that band there are several off-white blips. Those are the goats. June 26, 2005.


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