Going Ichiro! 4-4 in the Lemhi's.

Going Ichiro! 4-4 in the Lemhi's.

Page Type Page Type: Trip Report
Location Lat/Lon: 44.00000°N / 113°W
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Aug 14, 2010
Activities Activities: Hiking, Bouldering
Seasons Season: Summer, Fall


Respectfully submitted to honor the memory of Devon Austin (1991-2010).
Devon was awarded the 2010 Gatorade Idaho High School baseball player of the year.

His thirst for the game was unquenchable and his infectious qualities touched us all.


Gunsight Peak10835'
Vanilla Peak10624'
Ray Lode Peak10723'
U Mountain10540'

Elevation Gain4900'
Round Trip10.8
Start to Finish9:45

Batting Practice

Gunsight Peak is located west of Leadore in Idaho's Lemhi Range. This highly visible peak has a distinctive notch at the summit when viewed from the valley floor, this acquiring its name.

After several trips past Gunsight on Hwy 28, the time had come to step up to the plate and see what kind of 'stuff' this peak had.
Gunsight PeakGunsight Peak

A plan had been formulated to pick up four peaks on the day, but caution was needed because after all, this was an away game in a new ballpark.

The Lopez scouting report read this way: four irrigation ditches and one 4WD creek crossing in addition to five gated fences on the approach.

The trip from the on deck circle to the plate was filled with apprehension. However, confidence quickly returned as these fastballs, curves, and sliders had been seen before.

Only one irrigation ditch had water in it and the creek crossing was done in 2WD. All five fence gates were open and this hitter sensed a productive day at the plate was forthcoming.

First at bat

The trail started strong with signs and sizable rock cairns to mark the route. It faded in places and some trial and error was needed to stay on track.

The first goal was attained in reaching Lake 8420. An unexpected bonus appeared as an obvious ascent chute beckoned for any takers. The Lopez scouting report was ignored and a full cut was taken at this first offering.
Lake 8420Lake 8420
Gunsight ascent chuteGunsight ascent chute

Good balance and steady concentration was soon rewarded with the first ascent of the day on Gunsight Peak where an excellent view of Yellow Peak was revealed.
Yellow PeakYellow Peak

Box score: solid double to the wall in left center.

Second at bat

Next up was Vanilla Peak. In a good groove now as this was enjoyable Class 2 ridge walking which would be the norm for the rest of the game.
Vanilla PeakVanilla Peak

The distinctive notch on Gunsight Peak, seen from a different perspective than how most people view it.
Gunsight PeakGunsight Peak

Box score: sharp single up the middle.

Third at bat

The day was squaring up nicely and this Lemhi adventure was starting to look attainable. Ray Lode Peak would be the farthest point from home plate and a little voice could be heard.

Take care running the bases because this is deep in the Lem's and there is no one around to help if a face plant were to ensue rounding a base.
Ray Lode PeakRay Lode Peak

The ascent was flawless and the jumbled remains of an old cairn marked this rounded summit.

Box score: one hop single over third base.

Fourth at bat

U Mountain was waiting and this team's closer was bringing his best fastball.
U MountainU Mountain

First up was dropping to a saddle at 9944'. No problems, but the inevitable had to be confronted and the ascent up U Mountain commenced.
U MountainU Mountain

Focused and determined, but U Mountain changed speeds well. It threw elevation gain and then a long gradual slope with a tantalizing cairn perched at the far end.

Patience and perseverance paid off as the 'U' finally delivered up a pitch that could be handled.

Box score: broken bat bloop single just over the first baseman's glove.

Clubhouse Report

Looking to the north at the first summit of the day - Gunsight Peak.
Gunsight PeakGunsight Peak

A 180 degree turn to the south on U Mountain's summit shows Lake 9526 which appears to be referenced as Yellow Lake.
Lake 9526 - Yellow LakeLake 9526 - Yellow Lake

The Ichiro of our generation and the man in Idaho we are all chasing.
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