Golden Throne, Navaho Towers & Cliff Edge

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This is an image of The Golden Throne in Capitol Reef National Park from the vertical brink of another formation. I exposed this 4x5 Provia 100F transparency sheet of film on mid morning Monday June 1, 2005 through my 90mm Caltar lens. These Jurassic geology Navaho sandstone towers are topped by a rusty brown layer of harder Carmel Formation that forms the surface in this foreground. Stunted Utah juniper and pinion pine and scattered small spring wildflowers eke out existance on its rocky surface.

The 7042 foot Golden Throne, the tower in the background right of center, has a modest trail rising to a near view plateau but I wanted a better perspective. Several other impressive unnamed towers populate the vicinity that one can only see in the distance from the Notom Road. So two of us backpacked explored to this location for a shot but weather didn't cooperate. Thus two weeks later made a second dayhike attempt starting at dimmest dawn and just reached here as these clouds appeared. The route to this location was a difficult topographic puzzle as vertical cliffs guard most of these towers. It is likely no one has ever stood on this pristene plateau we reached.

The image is available on my below home page gallery as a 37x29 inch Lightjet fine art print. For additional information on this image see link.

David Senesac


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