Gorreta de los Gabachos

Gorreta de los Gabachos

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Location Lat/Lon: 42.88036°N / 0.74488°W
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7454 ft / 2272 m
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Gorreta de los GabachosGorreta and Anzotiello
Gorreta & ChinebralPeaks of Gamueta

This conic peak is the highest at the South of Cirque of Gamueta, a little group of summits in Ansó’s and Echo’s valleys. The peaks over the ravine of Gamueta has the most important peak in Chinebral de Gamueta (2312m) but the Gorreta de los Gabachos (2272m) is a characteristic summit with interest as well. Both main peaks are separated by the col of Gamueta (2189m), point of access of normal route to Gorreta. Its name came from a characterisitic french cap.

Peaks of Gamueta (main summits in bold-cursive)

North side:
-Chinebral de Gamueta (2312m)
-Foya de Gamueta (2308m)
-Point 2296m (Foya de Gamueta Sur, without official name)
-Gorreta de los Gabachos Norte (2270m)

South side:
-Gorreta de los Gabachos (2272m)
-Mallo Gorreta (2266m)
-Anzotiello (2211m)
-Mallo de Paco Gamueta (1994m)

Peaks of GamuetaPeaks of Gamueta

As curisoity between the peaks of the Cirque South of Gamutea exist a cracked ridge and it’s not possible the ascent of all the peaks except for rock-climbers (P.D.) and for this reason they has its own normal route for Gorreta de los Gabachos, Mallo Gorreta and Anzotiello, and it’s important what they have its own page to write the routes. One of the best combinations to climb some of the peaks is make the ascent to Gorreta and Chinebral from the Barranco (ravine of Gamueta) across Foya de Gamueta, and to return another day to climb Mallo Gorreta or Anzotiello (it’s long, but possible, the combinaton across normal routes in a long day if you come from the distance and it's your only day in Gamueta of course).

Routes for rock-climbers: I don't will write this route, but it's an orientation:
-Anzotiello from Brecha de Gamueta: D+ (IV+).
-Mallo Gorreta to Gorreta de los Gabachos: P.D. (II+).

Getting There

Car access: For the western approach, start from the mountain track of Gamueta, placed about 2 km before arrival to the mountain hut of Linza. You will have to get there from Pamplona or Huesca, the biggest closer cities. Follow the road linking both of them (N-240) until the crossing of Venta Carrica. This is a crossing about (will check) sixty kilometers from Pamplona, where you can find a petrol station and the beginning of the road to Sigüés / Salvatierra de Esca / Roncal. Follow this road (NA-137) for thirty kilometers, until you get to Isaba. After Isaba keep going north (NA-1370) for three more kilometers and turn right on the crossing marked as (Zuriza /Ansó). This small road (NA-2000) will take you across the valley of Belabarce and to the camping area at Zuriza, under the Sierra de los Alanos. When you finish coming down from Belabarce (that will be some thirteen kilometers after Isaba), turn left for the camping area and drive around it until the end of the road. It is not in a very good state, so don't drive fast. You will see the dirt roads to Barranco de las Eras and Barranco de Gamueta to the right. Leave the car at the entrance of this last dirt road (usually closed by a barrier) and start walking by it.
For the eastern approach (Valle de Hecho) start also from Huesca or Pamplona. From any one of both towns, follow road N-240 towards the other one. At Puente la Reina (88 km away from Pamplona, or 72 km away from Huesca) you will have to turn north by road A176. This is the road running alongside the river Aragón Subordán, entering the Valley of Hecho. After 23 km you will find yourself arriving to the village of Hecho. Just keep going for some ten additional kilometers or so, pass by the village of Siresa and through the narrow pass of the Boca del Infierno. You will pass by an ancient (actually closed) official camping site at Selva de Oza, where the forest becomes thicker. About two kilometers after that, the road opens into the plain of Guarrinza. Leave the car here.

Nearest Spanish train stations: Pamplona / Jaca
Nearest Spanish airports: Pamplona / Zaragoza

Red Tape

No special requirements to be met. No need for permissions.


The nearest camping is Zuriza

Isaba, village at the entry of Belagua's valley: Asolaze

External Links

mendikat.net : spanish description of the peak and its routes with images.



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