GR-11 Trail (II) Zuriza-Panticosa

GR-11 Trail (II) Zuriza-Panticosa

Page Type Page Type: Route
Additional Information Route Type: Long Distance Great Path
Additional Information Time Required: A few days
Additional Information Difficulty: Walk-up
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Zuriza-Panticosa "The Limestone Ranges"

-Approach: The last stage of GR-11 Trail (I), from Isaba to Zuriza.
-Overview: marvelous valley and limestones ranges across nice forest.
-Maps: The itinerary goes across the areas of Ansó-Hecho, Canfranc and Tena.

Stage 10: Zuriza-Selva de Oza

-Time: 4h 45min.
-Slope: Ascent: 731m, Descent: 818m.
-Trailhead: Camping of Zuriza. (others: camping of Ansó)
-Night: Free Hut of Selva de Oza.
-Route Points: Zuriza (1227m), Ref.Taxeras (1410m), col of Petraficha (1958m), col of Sabucar (1430m), Selva de Oza (1140m).
-Difficulty: easy stage.
-Mountains-Landscape: Ezkaurre, Sierra de Alanos (Rincón de Alano, Peña Forca), Quimboas, Chipeta Alto, Petraficha, Acherito.
-Commentary: nice forest and landscape of two-thousands. Chipeta or Petraficha are easy climbs near of the route.

Stage 11: Selva de Oza-Candanchú.

-Time: 6-7h.
-Slope: Ascent: 775m, Descent: 365m.
-Trailhead: Free Hut of Selva de Oza.
-Night: ski resort and village of Candanchú.
-Route Points: Selva de Oza (1140m), Plano de la Mina (1250m), Aguas Tuertas (1620m), ibon-lake of Estanés (1750m), Causiat (1634m), Candanchú (1550m).
-Difficulty: easy stage.
-Mountains-Landscape: Castillo de Acher, Bisaurin, Arlet, Aspe.
-Commentary: the first great mountain, the peak Bisaurin. Generally for the climb of some of this mountains is neccesary one more day in the zone.

Stage 12: Candanchú-Sallent de Gállego.

-Time: 6-7h.
-Slope: Ascent: 917m, Descent: 922m.
-Trailhead: Candanchú.
-Night: village of Sallent de Gállego.
-Route Points: Candanchú (1550m), Ref.Lacuars (1550m), a rinconada (1900m), ibons-lakes of Anayet (2227m), Paso de Culivillas (2200m), Punta de la Garganta (2141m), Corral de Mulas-Formigal (1635m), Sallent de Gallego (1305m).
-Difficulty: medium stage.
-Mountains-Landscape: Collarada, Punta Escarra, Anayet, Midi d'Ossau, Peña Foratata.
-More info: routes Canal Roya and Corral de Mulas of peak Anayet.
-Commentary: zone of contrast, the nice and idillic place of lakes of Anayet and the horrible works of parking of ski-resort of Formigal.

Stage 13: Sallent de Gállego-Panticosa

-Time: 8h.
-Slope: Ascent: 1611m, Descent: 1276m.
-Trailhead: Sallent de Gallego.
-Night: Baños de Panticosa (ref.Casa de Piedra).
-Route Points: Sallent (1305m), Dam of La Sarra (1438m), Ref. and lake of Respumoso (2160m), ibon and peak of Tebarray(2916m), Col of Tebarray (2782m), Ibons-Lakes Azules (2380m), Ibons-lakes of Bachimaña (2205m), Balneario de Panticosa (1640m).
-Difficulty: hard stage.
-Mountains-Landscape: Arriel, Palas, Balaitous, Frondiellas, Gran Facha, Tebarray, Garmo Negro, Picos del Infierno.
-More info: routes Respumoso and Tebarray-Ib.Azules of Picos del Infierno.
-Commentary: in the heart of Pyrenees, great mountains, nice lakes,...with one more day is a good idea the climb of some of the great peaks, as Balaitous or Gran Facha, and the night in Respumoso's hut.

Essential Gear

-Wear: Boots, great haversack, sleeping bag (light), vivacq wraping for an emergency, polar jacket, clean clothes, anorak.
-Useful: map (very important), compass, first-aid kit.
-Others: water bottle, frontal flashlight, food, money (for the refuges and food).
Generally the stages go across the refuges each night but you must to think in the things neccesarys to a great trail of 5 weeks!

For walking only one stage is not necessary nothing special.



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