Gran Paradiso All Northern Routes

GRAN PARADISO (4061m) All Northern Routes

from left:
N-NE Crest:
(Routes 1 and partially 2 + N Wall, left side);
North Wall: (Routes 2 partially + N-NE Crest and 3 partially + N Crest, 5 entirely in ice, 7 Direct Route, 8 Superdirect Route); Mixed Routes 4, 6 and Variant 9/10bis no traced;
North Face and W-NW Great Ridge: 9 Variant completely in ice, 10 Right Little Nervature, 11 Right Great Nervature or Western Spur to Quota (3882m)
W-NW Great Ridge: (Route 12).
Outline right:
A)- Standard Route
from Vittorio Emanuele II° Refuge (Southwest);
B)- Normal Route from Renato and Federico Chabod Hut (Northwest);
<)- Junction of two routes Gran Paradiso/Lavec(c)iaù Glaciers, over the "Schiena d'Asino" (= Back of Donkey also hogback road)


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