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Gran Paradiso GROUP - Features
Created On: Feb 9, 2006
Last Edited On: Mar 7, 2018

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Further general information concerning Gran Paradiso GROUP can be obtained in the following pages:
Gran Paradiso GROUP
Northern Sector of Gran Paradiso Group
WE Main Ridge of Gran Paradiso Group
Southern Sector of Gran Paradiso Group

Specific information can be obtained also concerning the single summits belonging to the Gran Paradiso Group up to now posted in SP: here is an interactive list, ordered according to the submission date.
Dawn on Grivola, Trajoz...
Dawn on Grivola, Trajoz glacier and Bivacco Gratton

A) Gran Paradiso (4061m)
B) la Grivola (3969m)
C) Tresenta (3609m)
D) Gran Serra (3552m)
E) Ciarforon (3642m)
F) Punta Rossa della Grivola (3630m)
G) Becca di Moncorvè (3875m)
H) Becco Meridionale della Tribolazione (3360m)
I) Becca di Montandayné (3838m)
J) Punta di Bioula (3414m)
K) Roccia Viva (3650m)
L) Taou Blanc (3438m)
M) Mont Paillasse (2414m)
N) Torre del Gran San Pietro (3962m)
O) Herbetet, Punta (3778m)
P) Becca di Monciair (3544m)
Q) Torre di Sant'Orso (3618m)
R) Testa di Entrelor (2580m)
S) Punta di Ceresole (3777m)
T) Cresta Gastaldi (3894m)
U) Becca di Gay (3621m)
V) Torre di Lavina (3308m)
W) Punta Basei (3338m)
X) Il Roc (4026m)

Moving SLOWLY the pointer of your mouse over each labelled summit, its name and height are shown; clicking on it, you will go the SP related page

H= Becco Meridionale della Tribolazione(3360m)M= Mont Paillasse(2414m)D= Gran Serra(3552m)E= Ciarforon(3642 m)G= Becca di Moncorvè(3875 m) C= la Tresenta(3609 m)A= Gran Paradiso(4061 m)I= Becca di Montandaynè(3838 m)F= Punta Rossa della Grivola(3630 m)J= Bioula, Punta di(3414 m)K= Roccia Viva(3650 m)L= Taou Blanc, Mont(3438 m) N= Torre del Gran San Pietro(3692 m)B= la Grivola(3969 m)O= Herbetet(3778 m)P= Becca di Monciair(3544 m)Q= Torre di Sant'Orso (3618 m) U= Becca di Gay (3621 m)V= Torre di Lavina (3308 m)W= Punta Basei(3338m) Interactive map showing location, name and height of the summits posted on SP.

Refuges and Bivouacs


  • Benevolo 2285 m
    Tel. +39 0165 74310
photo_id=137543by Mathias photo_id=124318
In Val di Rhemes: just above Alpe di Lavassey (accommodates sixty-one, five in the winter room)
  • Città di Chivasso 2604 m
    Tel. +39 0124 953150
photo_by Andrea Perino photo_by maria grazia
Near Col del Nivolet 2612 m, at the end of the road from Ceresole Reale (accommodates thirty-four, six in the winter room)
  • Rifugio-Albergo Savoia 2532 m
    Tel. +39 0165 94141
photo_id=87155 by Buxlex
Near the western shore of the northern Lake of Nivolet, not far from Col del Nivolet (accommodates fifty, five in the winter room)
  • Vittorio Emanuele II 2732 m Tel. +39 0165 95920
photo_id=106960 by Oberlea
The old one and the new one, completed in 1884 and 1962, respectively. Near the small lake of Moncorvè (Valsavarenche) in view of the southbound range starting from Ciarforon; it is the starting point for the normal route to the Gran Paradiso summit 4061 m (accommodates 137, forty in the winter room)
  • Federico Chabod 2750 m
    Tel. +39 0165 95574
photo_id=121526 by Antonio photo_id=124913 by Antonio
In Valsavarenche: built in 1985 at the foot of Piccolo Paradiso, starting point for routes to Piccolo and Gran Paradiso, Becca di Montandaynè. It is directly connected by a trail to the Vittorio Emanuele II refuge (accommodates forty, sixteen in the winter room)
  • Vittorio Sella 2584 m
    Tel. +39 0165 74310
  photo_id=125889 photo_id=126062
In Valnontey (Cogne), Lauson basin: along the Mulattiera reale (Alta Via N. 2) starting from the village of Valnontey.
photo_id=108510 by AntonioNowadays, because of a danger of landslides, the trail partially runs on the opposite side of the Gran Lauson brook with respect to the classical trail (accommodates 160, thirty in the winter room)
  • Sogno di Berdzè 2526 m
    Tel. +39 3105206535
photo_id=126000 by Marco
In the Vallone dell'Urtier: on the border of the Gran Paradiso National Park, at the foot of the Finestra di Champorcher (accommodates seventy-eight)
  • Rifugio Pontese 2217 m
    Tel. +39 0124 800186
In Val di Piantonetto: at the beginning of the Piano delle Muande di Teleccio, above the Teleccio reservoir (accommodates sixty, ten in winter room)
photo_id=185244 by andrea perino

Gran Paradiso 4061m


  • Sebastiano and Renzo Sberna
    3404 m
photo_id=125045 by Sergio photo_id=182996 by Ronfo
photo_id=182997 by RonfoPlaced at: Colle Orientale del Gran Neyron, at the foot of the West ridge of Herbetet 3778 m (sleeps six)
  • Mario Balzola
    3477 m
 photo_id=143830 by Gino
At: Colle delle Clochettes, between La Grivola3969 m and Grivoletta 3514 m. (sleeps four)
  • Mario Gontier
    2312 m
photo_id=123332 by Maria Grazia
In the middle of the meadows of Gran Nomenon, at the foot of the northern side of La Grivola 3969 m. This wonderful stone building (accommodates sixteen) is an unattended refuge.
  • Luciano Gratton
    3203 m
photo_id=133723 photo_id=133725
photo_id=140236 by ronfoNearby Colle del Pousset 3198 m, at the foot of Punta Rossa della Grivola 3630 m (sleeps nine)
  • Lionello and Lucio Leonessa
    2910 m
photo_id=124869 photo_id=124867
photo_id=124871 At the foot of Herbetet east ridge 3778 m (sleeps ten)
The previous smaller barrel-vault bivouac was replaced in the Nineties.
  • Carlo Pol
    3183 m
photo_id=140133 by ronfo photo_id=140131 by ronfo
photo_id=114789 by Antonio Placed between the southern and the central ice flows of Ghiacciaio della Tribolazione at the head of Valnontey (sleeps four),
  • Ettore Grappein- Marcello Gèrard
    3183 m
photo_id=140132 by ronfo photo_id=140099 by besucher01
photo_id=172186 by Lupino Placed near the older Bivouac Pol (sleeps nine)
  • Stefano Borghi
    2686 m
photo_id=142010 photo_id=142018
photo_id=142020 photo_id=142013 At the foot of Gran Crou glacier, Valnontey (sleeps nine)
  • Alessandro Martinotti
    2572 m
photo_id=139196 by Gino photo_id=142003
photo_id=142004 photo_id=141999On a ridge coming westwards from Roccia Viva, between Gran Crou and Money glaciers (sleeps four)
  • Money
    2872 m

 photo_id=118158   photo_id=114772 On a panoramic rocky spur, at the end of a ridge separating Coupè di Money and Patrì glaciers (sleeps eight)
  • Guido Antoldi-Laura Malvezzi
    2920 m
photo_id=139198 by Gino
photo_id=139201 by GinoOn the eastern ridge of Torre di Sant'Andrea, at the head of Valeille. Two previous lower buildings were destroyed by avalanches (sleeps nine)
  • Pier Mario Davito
    2360 m
Torre di Lavina e bivacco Davito

Bivacco Davito (Yellow) m. 2360 and Torre Lavina, 3308 m

Near mountain huts of Lavinetta, inside Vallone di Lavina (sleeps four)
  • Gino Revelli
    2610 m
 Near Pian delle Mule lake, inside Vallone di Ciardonei (sleeps six)
  • Gino Carpano
    2865 m

Monte Nero seen from Carpano Bivouac

At the head of Vallone di Piantonetto, at the foot of the east side of Monte Nero (sleeps nine)

Monte Nero - Carpano Bivouac

  • M. Pocchiola - G. Meneghello
    2440 m

At the head of Valsoera, on the shore of the Valsoera lake (sleeps fourteen)
  • Ivrea
    2770 m

At the head of Vallone di Noaschetta, below Gay lake (sleeps nine)
  • Ettore and Margherita Giraudo
    2630 m
 At the head of vallone del Roc, near Piatta Lake (sleeps six)
  • Pian della Ballotta
    2470 m
 At the head of  Valle dell'Orco, above Serrù lake. It is an unattended refuge (sleeps twelve)

More detailed information at:

Panoramic Views

Panoramic views in larger sizes can be viewed also at this site

photo_id=118142 by Antonio
photo_id=118181 by Antonio
photo_id=114587 by Maria Grazia

Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=125315
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=149740
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=122533
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=122401
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=125580
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=127249
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=128891
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=130374
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=123455
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=123452
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=124914
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=124918
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=128878
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=135643
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=135826
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=137955
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=140581
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=145428
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=147263
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=151722
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=185416
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=151681
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=152262
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=130934
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=155116
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=121490
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=122400
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=124781
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=124797
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=124910
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=125314
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=126300
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=127145
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=130211
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=130215
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=131021
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=131028
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=135809
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=136822
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=136984
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=137259
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=137261
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=137344
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=137345
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=139487
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=141708
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=142287
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=142286
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=144170
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=145713
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=145714
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=145715
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=147686
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=148334
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=148767
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=148794
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=151832
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=151166
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=152816
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=167368
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=126006
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=126308
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=140590
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=141709
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=143269
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=143270
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=143832
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=144178
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=202013
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=138752
Gran Paradiso GROUP  photo_id=140583

Animals of the Gran Paradiso National Park

Chamoises (Rupicapra rupicapra)

Steinbocks (Capra ibex)

Foxes (Vulpes vulpes)


Lakes of the Gran Paradiso National Park

Lakes aren't present in large numbers in the northern sector of the Park, except the Nivolet hanging valley; their number is larger in the southern sector, including both natural lakes and reservoirs.

View of the lakes at the head of Vallone del Nivolet from SE summit of Taou Blanc: the namesake Nivolet lakes (left), Rosset lake (center) and Leità lake (right), in addition to other smaller lakes. In the background, beyond Nivolet Pass, Agnel lake.


  • MISERIN LAKE 2576m  A vast lake at the head of Champorcher valley: on its shore are placed both a rifuge and a sanctuary


  • LAKES of MISERINO 2664m  Set on the southern side of Vallone dell'Urtier, between Vallone di Acque Rosse and Colle dell'Arietta

  • ACQUE ROSSE LAKES 2657m  In the wild environment of the lonely Vallone di Acque Rosse
  • LOIE LAKE 2346m  Placed at the foot of the northern end of the ridge between Valeille and Vallone di Bardoney

  • Small LAKE of LAUSON 2654m  Placed along the panoramic, but slightly exposed, traverse from Lauson basin to Herbetet huts, not far from Vittorio Sella refuge.


  • DJOUAN LAKES 2516m  After Casolari di Orvieille, along the Royal Hunting Trail built for Vittorio Emanuele II: view of the Gran Paradiso range from Gran Nomenon to Herbetet

  • Small LAKE of VALLONE delle MEYES 2589m  In view of the Gran Paradiso range from the namesake summit to Herbetet, along the Royal Hunting Trail built for Vittorio Emanuele II connecting Degioz to Piani del Nivolet through Casolari di Orvieilles

  • LAKE of MONCORVE' 2713m  Near the Vittorio Emanuele II Refuge, in view of Ciarforon

  • LAKES of NIVOLET 2526m / 2534m  At the southern end of Piani del Nivolet, at the foot of Colle del Nivolet 2613m

  • LAKES: ROSSET 2703m, LEITA' 2701m and TRE BECCHI 2722/2727m  At the foot of the ridge including Punta Basei, Gran Vaudala and Taou Blanc, in a very panoramic position with respect to the heart of the Gran Paradiso range.


  • LACS du PELLAUD (or Laghetti del Li) 1810m Not far from the road connecting Bruil (main village of Rhêmes Notre Dame) and Thumel

  • TSANTALEINA (or GRANTA PAREI) LAKE 2710m  At the foot of the East wall of Granta Parei

  • GOLETTA LAKE 2700m  Along the route connecting Rifugio Benevolo and Rifugio Bezzi; also if slightly out of the Park, it is worthy to be mentioned

  • VALLE dell'ORCO

  • AGNEL 2284m and SERRU' 2240m LAKES  On the southern side of the watershed between Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta, beyond Nivolet pass
    Gran Paradiso GROUP:...Agnel lake and Serrù lake
    Serru  and Agnel lakes. The...Agnel lake and Serrù lake

    Other natural lakes and reservoirs in the southern sector of the Gran Paradiso National Park:

  • lago di Ceresole Reale
  • laghi di Comba 

     Gran Paradiso GROUP: view  westwards from Punta Fourà ...Comba lakes

  • laghi di Gias di Beu
  • laghi di Ciamousseretto 

    Gran Paradiso GROUP: Ciamousseretto lakeCiamousseretto lake

  • lago di Gay
  • lago di Teleccio

         Lake of Teleccio...Teleccio lake
    La diga di Piantonetto vista...Teleccio lake
    Another picture of Lake of...Teleccio lake

  • lago della Balma 

    Lago della Balmalago della Balma in Valsoera

  • lago di Valsoera 

    Lake of ValsoeraValsoera lake

  • lago di Motta 

    Motta lakeMotta lake

  • lago d'Eugio
  • lago Nero
  • lago Losere
  • lago Gelato
  • lago Lazin 

    Lake Lazin from Monte ColomboLazin lake

  • Lago Pian delle Mule 

    On the shore of Pian delle Mule lakePian delle Mule lake

  • Lago della Muanda
  • Lago Valletta 

    From left: Punta Gialin, Gr....Valletta lake

  • Waterfalls of the Gran Paradiso National Park

    Waterfalls of Lillaz

    Waterfalls of Valnontey

    Waterfalls of Valsavarenche

    Waterfalls of Val di Rhêmes

    Gran Paradiso GROUP - Features

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