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Location Lat/Lon: 44.84890°N / 6.88380°E
Additional Information Elevation: 10804 ft / 3293 m
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Grand Glaiza is not a very steep mountain on it's Queyras side but is one of the highest in Queyras region. Grand Glaiza is situated in the north part of Queyras, very close to Bric Froid (4km direct line distance). This mountain is for good level hikers and the main interests are the nice view from the summit. The lake site in the middle of the ascent is nice too.

routes overview

Main route:

Return on the same route
Difficulty: For good hikers.
Start point: Bergerie du Lombard, 1982 m, can be accessed from Aiguille on a small mountain road
1st mid point: Le grand Laus lake, 2579m : 2h ascend on a mountain path
2nd mid point, Pic du Malrif , 2906m: 1h ascend on a path
To summit: Grand Glaiza 3293m, direct ascent on the ridge, 2h, 2.5km)

Total time to go and come back: 8-9h for 1300 Hm. Its recommended to start very early to avoid to hike under the sun the first 3 hours.

Second route:

Difficulty: For good hikers
Start point, Abriès 1730 m (parking over the village)
Le grand Laus , 2579m, 3h ascend on a path
To summit: see main route and return on the same route
Total time to go and come back: 9-10h for 1600 Hm.

Third route:

Start point: Fonds de Cervières 2040m
1,250Hm and 6:30 total time.

In Cervières take the road of Les Fonds de Cervières.
Leave your car before the refuge of Les Fonds de Cervières.

Continue the road just after the bridge and take the well marked path left. No difficulty is to be noticed to the foot of the peak of Malrif.
At Malrif Peak the path becomes stiffer and curves in the stones.
At the peak of Malrif you will see Grand Laus lake and monViso (3841 m.). The path continues to Malrif pass and be carefull to not follow it after the Malrif Pass.
The arrival direct in stones is more delicate for those which would like to really go to the summit
The mountain is very abrupt on the Italian side.
Descent is done by the same way.

Malrif Lakes

This lake group is located in the middle of the hiking tour to summit

Views from the summit

Getting There

Guillestre->Château Queyras->Aiguilles->Bergerie du Lombard
Guillestre->Château Queyras->Abriès

by car or by train and bus

Map: IGN 3637 OT Mont Viso

Red Tape

no red tape

When To Climb

Ski touring In winter or spring

Hiking in summer or autumn

Camping and Accomodation

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Miscellaneous Info

To get more general information about Queyras region, use Queyras Massif page and the links you'll find here

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