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Location Lat/Lon: 46.23780°N / 7.14111°E
Additional Information Elevation: 10009 ft / 3051 m
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The immense Grand-Muveran mountain with its 800 meter high rock face towers over the Rhone valley.
Together with the Diablerets massif, the Muveran massif hosts the few summits of the Vaud Alps which reach the 3000 meter limit. Even though the mountains in this range are not as high as in the neighbouring Pennine Alps or the Mont-Blanc range, they often have spectacular dolomite-like vertical faces and rugged cliffs with craggy and bizarre rock formations.

The Grand Muveran is no exception: as seen from Cabane Rambert, it appears as a broad wall of granite. Surprisingly, the ascent is not as difficult as it looks, and some guidebooks describe it as a hike with some easy climbing sections.

The tiny twin glaciers of Plan Névé lies at about 2500m just to the east of the mighty Grand Muveran, looking from the Rhône river valley like two off-white little butterflies.

An excursion to or around Grand Muveran grants breathtaking views to the many famous peaks of Valais and Mont-Blanc region which rise further South beyond the Rhone valley. For example, from Cabane Rambert, it is a line-up of icy peaks. From West to East: Mont-Blanc, Grand Combin, Dent Blanche, Matterhorn, Weisshorn, ... and many others.

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Getting There

Convenient centers :

1) Bex
- by road : highway Geneva-Grand Saint Bernard Collar, exit Bex
- nearest station : Bex
- nearest airport : Geneva
From Bex, take the road to Pont de Nant.

2) Ovronnaz
- highway Martigny-Sion exit Riddes-Leytron
- nearest station ; Sion
- nearest airports : Sion (local), Geneva

Red Tape

No red tape

When To Climb

June to october

Routes overview

1) Normal route is from Rambert Hut.
To Rambert Hut :
- From Ovronnaz
- From Pont de Nant over Frête de Saille

2) Other route from Rambert Hut : Vire aux Dames : danger of rockfall (not advisable)

3) Nicest climbing route : Arête des Dalles (southern spur)

4) From Plan Névé Hut

5) Ascent with skis : difficult

Mountain Conditions

Meteo Ovronnaz


CNS Saint-Maurice n° 272 1/50000° or CNS Dent de Morcles n°1305 1/25000°


1) Rambert Hut 2580 m
SAC Section Diablerets
Marie-Gabrielle Cheseaux, 1913 Saillon Hut Telefon 027 – 2071122
Open begin july to 15 september
Normal route from Ovronnaz ovr Saille valley or by using the chairlift of Jorasse

2) Plan Névé Hut 2262 m
Privat Union des Patrouilleurs Alpins
Lily Burger, 1880 Bex, Tel: 024 - 463 21 25 Hut Telefone 024 - 498 22 11 e-Mail
Open begin july – end august
Normal route from Pont de Nant over Bex

3) Barraud Hut
Privat, Section Diablerets, 1002 Lausanne
37 beds
open on reservation only

4) La Tourche Hut 2198 m
SAC Section Monte Rosa
Benjamin Genet, 1892 Lavey-Village,
Tel: 024 - 485 26 65 und 079 - 434 87 46 Tel Hut 079 471 98 56
Open july to September


1) Camping de la Sarvaz
CH - 1913 Saillon/Valais
Tel. +41 (0)27 744 13 89
Fax +41 (0)27 744 41 33

2) Camping Les Frassettes
Adress:1882 Barboleuse - Gryon
Tel. 0041 (0) 24 498 10 88
Fax 0041 (0) 21 647 46 63

Mountains of the Muveran massif

- Grand Muveran 3051 m
- Dent de Morcles 2969 m
- Haut de Cry 2969 m
- Dent Favre 2917 m
- Tête à Pierre Grept 2904 m
- Grand Chavalard 2899 m
- Tête Noire 2876 m
- Tita Seri 2851 m
- Petit Muveran 2820 m
- Tête Tsernou 2733 m
- Pointe d'Aufalle 2725 m
- Dent de Chamosentse 2712 m
- Pointe des Martinets 2638 m
- Pointe de Chemo 2626 m
- Mont à Cavouère 2595 m
- Tête Pegnat 2587 m
- Six Armaille 2427 m
- Pointe des Savolaires 2294 m
- La Seya 2182 m
- Grand Garde 2145 m
- Croix de Javerne 2097 m

Alpine garden "Thomasia"

The alpine garden "Thomasia" lies right behind Pont-de-Nant. The garden was planted by the Thomas family in 1891. You will hike along the Avançon, subsequently ascending to a wooden bridge. After the narrow path leading through the underbrush, the next highlight awaits you: the «Trou à l'Ours» or bear's lair. Here you must be sure of foot. The trail then leads back down to Les Plans-sur-Bex via Cinglo

Salt mines of Bex

Fascinating guided tour through the salt mine Le Bouillet in Bex (Waadtland region). The tour through this enormous subterranean labyrinth reveals the spectacular and peculiar aspects of excavation and mining techniques that have been in use since 1684, when the first tunnel was built. The same mining techniques are still used today.

Salt mines of Bex home page


Site of the Alps of the Canton Vaud



Old views

Eugène Rambert

Eugène Rambert (April 6, 1830 - November 21, 1886), was a Swiss author. He was born at Sales near Swiss Clarens, the eldest son of a Vaudois schoolmaster, from whom he received his education. When in 1845 his father lost his post owing to the religious disputes, Rambert became a teacher in Paris, and later a tutor in England and at Geneva. When the family's fortunes improved, Rambert was able to pursue his studies for the ministry, but he was more attracted by literature, and in 1845 became professor of French literature at the academy of Lausanne, and in 1860 at the Federal polytechnic school at Zürich, where he remained till 1881, when he again became professor at Lausanne. His principal work, Les Alpes suisses (5 vols., 1866-1875; republished with large additions, according to his own scheme, in 6 volumes, 1887-1889), is a mine of miscellaneous information on the subject. He also published several volumes of poetry, as well as a volume entitled Ecrivains nationaux (1874, republished 1889), and biographies of the pietist Alexandre Vinet (1875), of the poet Juste Olivier (1879) and of the artist Alexandre Calame (1883). Rambert's Dernières Poesies were edited (1903) by Henri Warnery, whose Eugène Rambert (Lausanne, 1890) contains a critical estimate.



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