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smudge - Sep 7, 2004 4:45 pm

Route Climbed: Stevens Gulch Date Climbed: 09-07-2004  Sucess!

NIce hike in a beautiful area. The trail was very icy all the way to the summit with a 6 am start, so I moved a little slower than I would have liked......but a picture perfect I can't complain. I didn't see anyone else on the trail until I was about a mile from the trailhead on the descent...which I hear is a rarity on this mountain. Good stuff.

F Bomb

F Bomb - Aug 26, 2004 2:11 pm

Route Climbed: Standard Date Climbed: August 23,2003  Sucess!

Beautiful day to begin with and then cold as hell by the time we reached the summit, no views to be had. By the time we got to Torreys it was clear skies and wonderful views.


georgbetsy - Aug 21, 2004 5:47 pm

Route Climbed: Steven's Gulch Date Climbed: August 21, 2004  Sucess!

My wife and I climbed Grays and Torreys today with a group from the CMC boulder section. Had a wonderful time. There were hundreds/thousands of hikers on the trail -- it was the hike with Ed Viestus day, which we did not know about.

However, looking at the positive side, I thought it impossible to find that many Americans that would be willing/able to hike for 8 miles and 3000ft. It is good to see that many people interested in spending time outdoors.


pusdkq6ee - Aug 20, 2004 3:28 pm

Route Climbed: Stephens Gulch Trail Head Date Climbed: 8-12-04  Sucess!

Hiked up to the top, the first half is easy hike, but the second half was steep. I did hike up to the top, beautiful view. No rain or thunderstorm. very lucky


Saintgrizzly - Aug 10, 2004 8:31 pm

Route Climbed: Standard Date Climbed: '70's, '80's, 90's  Sucess!

I've done Grays 7 or 8 times, always early in the year as a "conditioning" hike, about half the time traversing over to Torreys. Don't do this one for solitude.


shannarae2k - Jul 26, 2004 10:05 am

Route Climbed: Via Horseshoe Basin Date Climbed: July 25, 2004  Sucess!

Wonderful weather - climbed the mountain twice!

Andrew McKenzie

Andrew McKenzie - Jul 19, 2004 2:07 am

Route Climbed: Horseshoe Basin Date Climbed: June 20, 2004  Sucess!

Climbed in conjuction with Torrey's. What a great day and great weather. The summit of Gray's was full of nice folks with lots of nice dogs! The basin provides such a great backdrop to sit and stare at the world around you. Truly a beautiful cirque.


TexasClimber - Jul 8, 2004 6:22 pm

Route Climbed: Standard Route Date Climbed: July 1, 2004  Sucess!

I managed to squeeze of Grays and Torrey on Thursday, July 1, 2004. The views from the top were great!


awillson - Jul 8, 2004 9:37 am

Route Climbed: Horseshoe Basin Date Climbed: August 3, 2002  Sucess!

I got off the plane from Detroit and headed straight to the top of Grays and Torreys. Needless to say, I had a bad headache and was a little dizzy. There was no snow anywhere! Very unusual.

Collin - Jun 27, 2004 2:07 am

Route Climbed: standard Date Climbed: august 14, 2003  Sucess!

this was an easy and much enjoyed climb. Up grays and torreys and back to the car in 5-6 hours.

Scott Wesemann

Scott Wesemann - Jun 10, 2004 1:12 am

Route Climbed: Standard Date Climbed: 6/02  Sucess!

I did this with my 11 year old nephew and it was a fun trip. Getting my Honda Accord to the trailhead was interesting. We encountered herd of mountain goats at about 13,000 ft. We got pretty close and the biggest one blocked the trail and we had to go around, as he started to dig his hoof into the ground and grunt. I did get a little sick fromt he altitude, but not too bad. Once on top the views were great. My nephew was not feeling up to Torreys, so we headed down.


lostman - Jun 9, 2004 3:22 pm

Route Climbed: Via Torreys' Kelso Ridge Date Climbed: July 2003  Sucess!

A rewarding cool down after the Kelso Ridge.


lostman - Jun 9, 2004 2:51 pm

Route Climbed: Stephens Gulch Date Climbed: August 13, 1999  Sucess!

My first 14er back in the day...


brentonjweaver - Jun 4, 2004 1:31 am

Route Climbed: most Date Climbed: multiple 2002-2004  Sucess!

who hasn't climbed these from the denver area?


mmoerk - May 24, 2004 10:45 am

Route Climbed: Connecting ridge from Torreys Date Climbed: July 20, 2003  Sucess!

Hiked over to Grays after climbing the Kelso Ridge of Torreys. These peaks are very popular!


DaveC - May 20, 2004 9:46 pm

Route Climbed: standard Date Climbed: aug 96  Sucess!

on a sunday in the summer, this was a zoo. hundreds of people. glad it was one of my first; never again.


WhereAmI - Apr 23, 2004 3:31 am

Route Climbed: Stevens Gulch Date Climbed: July, 2002  Sucess!

My first 14er joined by my two brother-in-laws. Glad to have the company for a fantastic hike. I'm glad I had a few days to get used to the altitude as I'm now a coastal Californian instead of the Rocky Coloradon that I used to be. Went over to Torreys to make my first 14er day a quick double.

Larry V

Larry V - Apr 21, 2004 11:14 pm

Route Climbed: from Torreys Date Climbed: August 2003  Sucess!

Second time to visit Grays' summit. Solo trip with great weather. I love the view on the way up.

Ryan Kowalski

Ryan Kowalski - Apr 19, 2004 12:20 pm

Route Climbed: Stevens Gulch Date Climbed: October 4, 2000  Sucess!

An interesting day as it was windy, cold, snowy and every other sort of nasty. Saw Kelso Ridge for the first time and skipped Torreys until I could climb her on Kelso Ridge. My first glissade too!


f360driver - Apr 14, 2004 6:40 pm

Route Climbed: Standard Date Climbed: June/03  Sucess!

Good hike.

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