Grosser Boesenstein

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 47.44358°N / 14.40394°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 8025 ft / 2446 m
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Grosser BösensteinGrosser Bösenstein
Gr.Bösenstein - 2448 mGr.Bösenstein from Hohentauern

Grosser Boesenstein stoods up prominently  in the remote part of the Eastern Alps central zone as the highest summit of the Rottenmanner Tauern mountain range.
At the same time, it is the highest summit of it's own Boesenstein group.
Rottenmanner Tauern is the nordeasternmost group of the Niedere Tauern range, cream on the cake route in Rottenmanner's area is the Trieben-Rottenmann
traverse over the Boesenstein group proper main ridge (1-2 days). Easiest ascend, though, is 2 and 1/2 half hours walk-up from the parking lot beneath the
glacial Scheibelsee lake, with the Edelrauthuette hut as the logistic base.
Brief routes overview:
Normal route over the southeast ridge: from parking lot at Scheibelalm pasture located west of the Hohentauern town, walk up bypassing the Edelraute hut,
till the Scheibelsee lake. At lake, fork right and steep uphill toward the summit of Hauseck. Passing Hauseck, you'll reach small
flat saddle (great view down to the Scheibel lake). From here, due right and up the wide rocky ridge, untill you pass smaller loose rock filled gap.
Above the gap, follow the rib due left and, finally fork right toward not wooden brown but rather metal white summit cross.
Your effort most likely being welcomed by alpine jackdaws, as they often gather on the Boesensteins summit, (ab)using it as the launching platform
for attacks on nearby Mt. Grimming.  Marked  path  = 946.  2 and half hours, alltogether. Descending back same way, or alteernatively, due SW and over
the summit of Grosser Hengst completing the loop tour, marked path = 02
Full traverse route: from Boesenstein  main summit continue over the NW ridge till the summit of  Sonntagskarspitze. Now, firmly due north for  Dreistecken summit and further to Hocheide. This ridge traverse includes many passages inside I and II difficulty range, harder spots are secured with steel ropes.
Ridge is spiked with small pillars and gendarmes, ups and downs triggering altitude gains and losses every now and then.As you progress down the ridge,
on your right  you'll notice 4 small green lakes. Those are important to remember, bacause all 4 are emergency exits in case of weather worsening. Count with 30 minutes or so of speed descend from the ridge to the nearest lake. From the aforementioned Hochaide, another couple of hours takes you to the Rotenmanner hutte, thus completing the traverse.

Panorama view from the summit

View is oriented northwest<->northeast. Tad to the right of the stone cairn we can see bulky Mt. Grimming, broad rugged summits stretching behind Grimming, that's Totes Gebirge range. Further to the right, one may recognize Gesause, Austria's climbing garden

Getting There

Boesenstein - getting thereOverall location + road access
  1.  By car:  Highway  A9 till Trieben or S 36 till Judenburg,  switch to Triebener state road ( Triebener Bundesstrasse)  B 114 and drive till Hohentauern.
    At Hohentauern, fork west and follow the paved road uphill till the parking lot beneath the Edelraute hut.

  2. By plain: nearest intl airport is Graz   ( this airport  is also served by various no frill carriers)

  3. Train: Nearest railway station is Trieben


Edelraute hutEdelraute hut

Nearest hut is Edelrautehütte located between Gr. Boesenstein and Gr. Hengst.
Comfortable. Frequently visited by day hikers.
Hut phone +43 (0)664 9136670  
web site

Possible hut-to-hut traverse from the Edelraute hut to Rottenmanner hut was described in 1st chapter.
Note that main Boesenstain summit is 2 and  half hours from the Edelraute hut, whilst well over 5 -6 hours
from the Rotenmanner hut and route to/from Rotenmanner hut is more difficult.
Rottenmanner hut
phone +043 (0)664 1462923
web site

Miscellaneous info

Boesenstein - large  topomapfairly large topomap

 from the service #1:
 from the service #2:

ÖK 50 Blatt 130 Trieben
Freytag & Berndt  50 Blatt 062
Online round tour map

Emergency mountain rescue, dial 140

flora & fauna images

Boesenstein - floraRhodendendron
Jackdaw in commandJackdaw on the main ridge



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