Guido Lammer Biwak

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Guido Lammer Biwak
Created On: Nov 28, 2013
Last Edited On: Jun 2, 2016
A look inside the simple Guido Lammer shelter at the Milchseescharte
Bunk bed
A look inside the simple Guido Lammer shelter at the Milchseescharte
A look inside
The Guido Lammer Biwak is a small shelter at the Milchseescharte (2707m) in the Texel Group, but nevertheless I've read that it accommodates 9 people. I imagine it will be cramped then. It's open all year, and it's free.

The shelter provides a solid roof over your head, a table and a couple of benches, mattresses and blankets. They looked all right, but I didn't count how many there were. That's all there is. Plus, of course, whatever previous parties have left behind. You're not supposed to leave anything, but some people do. Sometimes useful stuff, sometimes not.

Poor weather approaching
Poor weather at the Milchseescharte
In a sudden onset of bad weather, this could be a life saver, but if I would know ahead that I was going to spend the night here, I would prefer to bring a few things, such as water, food, a stove and a sleeping bag. When I visited I did't have all that, but although the skies didn't look good, I wasn't staying, so that was no problem.

On the east side of the Milchseescharte is a very steep hiking trail, secured by cables. On the north the terrain is rough, but not quite as steep, and there is a rough hiking trail - but not so rough that you need your hands. Just a few minutes below the shelter is an emergency helipad.

Google terrain map of the Guido Lammer Biwak, located at the Milchseescharte, a high saddle on the long NE ridge of Tschigat


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Guido Lammer Biwak

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