Gunung Binaiya

Page Type: Mountain/Rock
County: Indonesia
Activities: Hiking
Elevation: 9931 ft / 3027 m


Gunung Binaya is located on Seram Island in the central Moluccas. Although its part of the Manusuela National Park it is rarely visited. Its location surrounded by rain forest and the difficult access make a trip a real wilderness adventure.

Getting There

First you have to fly into Ambon or take on of the Pelni ships there. Starting point for the mountain is Kanikeh village. To approach Kanikeh from the south you take either the normal bus ferry or the speedboat to Amahai / Masohi. Then follow the coast eastbound to the village of Tehoru. Find an outrigger to get across the bay to reach Hatumete or another village. from there it is a tough 2 day trek across the mountains to the village of Manusuela. You have to climb around 2000m before descending to the valley. From Manusuela it is another long day to Kanikeh.
From the north coast you go from Ambon to Saka via the normal bus or take a speedboat and a bus from Amahai / Masohi. From Saka take another speedboat to Sawai / Masihulan or further to Opin or Wahai. From Opin its about 2 or 3 very hard and long days to Kanikeh. You may overnight in Huaulu or Roho.

Climbing the mountain

Going up and down from Kanikeh takes 3 to 4 days. The Seramese people are masters in building traps in the forest. Its highly advised to take a guide from the village to show you the way. It is dense rainforest and the trail is not clear – quite an easy way do get lost or disappear for ever.

Red Tape

You need a permit to enter the National Park. It will be issued in Ambon and they used to have an outpost in Tehoru and Wahai.
It’s common rule in rural Indonesia to always report to the head of village. They may also require you to report to the local police if there is any. Check before in Ambon regarding the current conditions!


You can sleep in the village. The village head will assign you a place to stay - most likely in his own house.
You have to spend several nights in the forest. A tent can do but you can also just bring a tarp - expect a lot of rain , high humidity and cold high on the mountain.

When to go

Seasons are different in the central Moluccas compared to the rest of Indonesia with august to tending to be the wettest. Rain will be plenty and expect the trail to be muddy and slippery all the time.

Fauna / Flora

Python on Seram Island
High up the moutain you will find mosses and ferns creating a very special atmosphere. The lowland forest has plenty of birds like parrots, Moluccan Cockatoothe strange Causeries and millions of hornbills.